1. grabania

    MIB3 USB ports

    Hello, I've bought FL Ateca USB ports (575035736B) and tried to retrofit them in my FL Leon 5F. Leon (575035736) pinout - HSD connector and 8-pin connector (USB + Audio) Ateca (575035736B) pinout - HSD connector and 4-pin connector (only USB) I think that having Golf MK8 and Leon 5F...
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Infotainment USB audio issues... Potentially solved!

    I've been scratching my head on this one almost since purchasing the car in June 2022.. and I finally appear to have solved it *touch wood* If your music via USB sounds like it is having random static/popping/glitching, or is randomly skipping tracks.. try a different USB stick! I didn't...
  3. Seat infotainment problem tagging more than one artist in a track

    Hello Everyone! I recently get my new Seat Leon FR MK4 and I’m really in love with this car. But, there’s a thing that’s blowing me up. I get my music into a USB in .flac/.mp3 format, and I have a problem with tagging music that has more than one artists. For example, this song: Forever -...
  4. AUX Port and USB port

    Hi. I recently buyed Seat Altea XL 2007 it says it has aux but I cant find the port to plug in aux cable. Can someone tell me where to find it. And in the middle arm rester inside has usb port can someone tell me is it only for charging or i can plug usb. Thanks in advance.
  5. UK Xcellence Lux spec - cost / servicing deal / QI charging / ambient lighting / rear USBs?

    Getting closer to biting the bullet on a pre-reg Ibiza Xcellence Lux, but will be travelling to pick it up if I decide to go ahead... A few questions about the latest UK version of the Lux please, as there seem to be conflicting reviews online: 1. Does the UK version come with the QI wireless...
  6. USB pinout for ULSECD - Cupra Facelift original car stereo

    Im looking for the original stereo car connector, specifically for USB and AUX wiring so I can create adapters and use these inbuilt connectors in the center console for my aftermarket Sony 2 Din stereo.
  7. whodini

    External Hard Drive as Music Source?

    Hi all, Has anyone used or using an external Hard Drive as a source for music plugged into the usb ports in the centre console of the Leon,I am not very technical,so not sure about power requirements,size restrictions,possible damage etc. Leon model I have is 1.8 ST FR DSG Auto Thanks
  8. usb extension

    Does anyone know if a 15m usb extension cable would still work vagcom, i dont have a laptop so thinking of running it off the desktop computer and out the window to the car.
  9. usb size limit

    Hi guys, i am getting a facelift leon fr in 2 weeks, my question is what is the max size usb stick i can insert into the usb slot that the stereo will accept?
  10. gaffer1986

    USB Problem

    Hello I am having trouble getting my memory stick to work with the USB function on the Ibiza. I plug it in and it just says no device. I have tried deleting everything from the USB stick and just putting two 360 kbps MP3s on it and have still had no joy. :confused: Do i need to do...
  11. How to use iPhone to play music via USB & MDI

    Hello Guys, I collected my leon fr a day or two ago and have played with most of the gadgets. The next gadget i wanted to use was the usb port and muy iphone. I thought i would be able to set the system to use the aux 2 then plug it in. But i keep getting a "Device not supported message"...
  12. markmeus

    USB socket

    Is there much room around the usb socket in the Ibiza? Reason I ask is that my car wont be delivered untill Feb/March, but I thought I could get a 32Gb memory stick for Christmas, but I don't want to end up getting one to find its too bulky to fit in the plug. Additionally is there a limit...
  13. oldman

    port type; usb or serial

    looked but couldn't find an answer. if I bought the serial one, would it work in full mode with usb to serial adapter? or is it better to purchase one or the other? sorry if that sounded confusing, but hope it makes sense.
  14. USB port

    Hi All My facelift Leon has a usb port that so far i have used to plud a 2gb memory stick in. But i never get round to changing what i have stored on it... I believe the facelift Altea has the same stereo and was wandering if anyone has tried plugging a portable external hard drive, the...
  15. USB port

    Hi All My facelift Leon has a usb port that so far i have used to plud a 2gb memory stick in. But i never get round to changing what i have stored on it...:headhurt: Has anyone tried plugging a portable external hard drive, the sort powered by the usb, into the usb port? 500gb of storage...
  16. mk2 leon USB port

    Just bought an 07 leon fr and according to the manual there should be a USB port under the passenger seat. All thats there is a small storage compartment, no port in sight! Anyone know where it might be? im presuming they are standard on all FR models of that age? I've got an aux port but its...
  17. Aux port/ USB - Activating?

    We have an 07 Cupra, there is a Aux port on the centre arm space but upon trying to connect it to the stereo nothing happens, so I checked the Audio manual and according to it there should be a CD/AUX button on the unit, but there isnt, just CD only, also says there should be a USB port under...
  18. USB Option AFTER factory - dealer says it cannot be done ??

    Hi, I know there have been quite a few posts about this lately, but could someone in the know clear this up once and for all. I have just been onto the local SEAT dealer, which is where i bought the car from, they are a dedicated SEAT dealer so i thought i'd ring them about getting the USB...
  19. Seat Standard 6 Disc MC - USB Friendly?

    Hi all, Apologies if this question has already been asked, but I was curious to find out whether the standard Seat 6 disc Multichanger Stereos that come in Cupras (well 2003 and 2004 models) are USB compatible, ie. do they have the option to plug an I-Pod in to the stereo via USB? I'm...
  20. After sale USB connection and speaker upgrade

    Hi all, As the great British 'summer' is a bit closer I want to upgrade my sound system in My 08 Leon FR. I have seen some recommendations for speakers but the posts were a while ago. What are the latest and greatest speakers for the car that can handle some bass? I don’t want anything in...
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