1. Pics of my Ibiza MK5 all washed and waxed!!

    Spent a few hours today while it was nice out and gave my lil motor a wash and wax!! Love how nice the paint comes up and even gave the wheels a bit of a wax!! :D Just a few pics, i'm not the best photographer in the world!! :( Hope you likey!!
  2. Windows just Tinted + Washed & Waxed

    Just had the windows tinted today and got it washed and waxed, what's the opinions? Also i know the wheels are GUFF before anybody points it out :P
  3. gregorcupra

    My Ford Imperial Blue Cupra

    Hi there, Been on here a while but never posted pics of my cupra ! Started off standard(ish) like so: Then coilovers , new wheels and a few engine mods (also a busted light) : Then the beginning of march it went into the bodyshop , originally just to be tidied up ...
  4. gsijay's Mk4 Ibiza

    Finally got some pics, comments welcome... [IMG]http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g159/jason37_photos/ebay001.jpg[/IMG
  5. J4M3S

    My Cupra just washed

    Well good day, went out and..... Washed with PB Slick and Suds Polish with PB with carnauba Waxed with PB Natty's Blue and wheels and tyres with PB Bold n bright and finally rather than me taking pics on my phone i got the camera out...... thanks,
  6. Sharky_82

    Washed A while Back

    Washed it a while back and thought id finally put some pics up - Decided im going to get the alloys refurbished and sprayed white - And some minor little touches!!
  7. karlosR

    washed & waxed, de-badged boot

    as the title says really. my LCR that has been washed, given the once over with meguiars body scrub paint cleaner then a couple of coats of meguiars NXT tech wax. i'm happy with the results and the paintwork is nice and smooth now too. i was fed up of not being able to get at the...
  8. Roswell

    Washed The Ibiza Today

    What a nightmare that's gonna be to keep clean... and I thought the Broom Yellow Punto was bad. :rolleyes:
  9. Ibiza02

    Washed Ibiza/Leon

    Thought post some pictures up started washing my car at half four finished it at almost seven! this was due to my mam coming in form work and asking me to do hers so give it a quick blast over and took some pictures...:happy: My car http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h14/ibiza52/09-9.jpg...
  10. nate03

    Just washed!

    Here are my first pics up on the site of my freshly cleaned ibiza 1.2. Ive got the 16" cupra wheels from the leon cupra on it which although make the ride a little firmer make the car look a hell of alot better, which i reckon you'l agree! cheers nate. url...
  11. Dodson

    Just washed pics...

    Just washed it so thought i would show pics of her sat at home.... :D :D Taken off my phone... :confused:
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