Pics of my Ibiza MK5 all washed and waxed!!


Spent a few hours today while it was nice out and gave my lil motor a wash and wax!!

Love how nice the paint comes up and even gave the wheels a bit of a wax!! :D

Just a few pics, i'm not the best photographer in the world!! :(

Hope you likey!!



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Sep 18, 2009
Very nice indeed, glad I'm not the only one that spent a good few hours buffing & polishing!
Your definately not, i was out there for just ov 2 hours earlier on cleaning mine, its all shiney now tho. putting the effort in is always worth it in my opinion


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Mar 12, 2010
looks awesome mate!

Waiting on my white 1.4 sport with 17" black alloys to be delivered, well excited!

Hope you dont mind me asking, what products did you use?
Wanna get all the products sorted before the car arrives :)



Your car is really nice. I have bought one basically the same

What kind of wax do u use ??:think:


Thanks for the comments guys, thats the one thing that annoys me about these cars is the ride height!!

Whats the best lowering springs to buy for these??

I use mequirs (spelling??? lol) all the time, carnuba Wax or the tech wax, comes up spot on everytime!!

As soon as the money comes available i will look into lowering it and a little quick stage 1 remap to have a lil bit more poke but all funds are being piled into my other big toy at the moment ready for the summer season!! :D



Thanks for the Reply

Al have a look at that wax :) Its just im picking the car up tomoz and im sure it wont be long before it will need a good wash seen as how its white so well am at it i might as well get some wax on there aswell:D Your skyline lookes amazin


you can buy lowering springs from your dealer that keep's your warrenty, always a good thing. looks nice clean black wheels and white body work, so nice , good choice
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