1. H.I.D's...fitting help,pics please

    Hi Can anyone help with fitting hids? Just got a pair of h7 4300ks and the pics on the instructions arnt that great, bit confusing. It also says you have to disconnect the battery is this right? Also where do you mount the ballasts? If anyone can help with advice or even better some pics...
  2. NicksGotAFR

    My New Car (with Pics)

    Hey guys i picked up my new Cupra yesterday. It's Furia Grey and I opted for the convenience pack and xenons. I did have a minor issue with the plastic surround to the handbrake, it was warped slightly and didn't fit flush but the dealer has ordered a new one no questions asked...
  3. Pics of my new Cupra

    Not very good pics and only a few but here is my cupra. [URL=][/URL
  4. Has my car been modded? RR Pics

    Got my car on a rolling road, was very suprised to find out its peak power at around 198 bhp :blink: Car is meant to be standard + i cant see anything that has been changed. The torque is around normal, just over 230 nm. Anyone has similar results? Possibility its been remapped...
  5. RS6

    What Colour to refurb my wheels pics

    Hi all looking into getting my wheels painted and bit unsure what colour to go for i have in mind Gunmetal ford grey Bright Star Silver or Gold like the subaru sti manages to pull off what do people think as my car is black im not sure i want them to dark, if my car was red, yellow or grey...
  6. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
  7. gtikezz

    my mk2 seat ibiza gti

    some new piccys of my mk2 hope you like :D
  8. lynchy

    engine bay pics

    hey just after some inspiration really for my cupra 180. just curious what other people have done. thanks
  9. Nick G's Mk2 Leon FR TDi

    I picked it up Wed's but thought i'd add a couple of pics having cleaned it all afternoon! Need to get the wheels refurbed but still not sure on colour yet??
  10. Red Leon's with black mags: please post pics

    guys, i re-sprayed my mags matte black as i messed the one rim on the highway a week or so back..decided to do them all this time round. now i dunno if its looks as good as i thought it would nor as nice as the red Leon's i've seen on this forum. pls post pictures of your red Leon so i may...
  11. Gordz

    Smoked/Tinted Side Repeater Pics

    Just wondering if anyone has any smoked/tinted side repeaters like this or this? If so, would love to see some pics with how they look on a Leon (especially a platinum grey one ;))
  12. marv_n69

    LCR 225 Pics with spacers, pls

    Hi, Anyone out there got a picture of their LCR 225 with wheel spacers fitted??? Using standard wheels & sus etc 15mm rear & 10mm front OR 15mm rear & 0mm front OR any pics with spacers fitted on a LCR 225 will do ;-) Cheers all
  13. Anyone got any pics of white sc with white wheels?

    Am thinking of getting some white wheels on my white sc, was just wondering if there are any pics out there anyone knows of so i could see what they look like? Was wondering if they would look as good on the standard set up without being lowered? Have seen a couple of pics of the black wheels...
  14. Pics of the New Car

  15. Whining sound with rev's, bad MPG, power loss. Please help! :( Pics+Vid

    Hello people, im calling upon some advice please!! This is a 130PD Sport 1.9TDi 2004 with 70,000 miles. For quite some time now I've had a whining sound coming from the engine bay, I cant hear it unless the revs are going up and down. Worse mainly on the return to tick-over. It happens...
  16. spikeydoo

    A couple of pics of the BOC

    had a small road trip, 450ish miles, got back & the Boc was filthy, just had time to rinse her down before the rain started so thought it was a good opportunity to post some pics, enjoy.... Fog lights look like candles compared to the Zenons: The tomtom adaptor is great...
  17. cupragav

    cupragavs LCR progress thread ***few new ideas, comments please***

    Hey people, thought it was about time i done my own readers thread. I have had the car bout 3 years now i bought it completely standard I started to mod it after a couple of months of owning it. To start off with i added the forge 007p which wasnt enough, so i added a bmc cda forced...
  18. Just picked up 2 bocas today:-) pics...

    no delays, delivered on time, im just a happy man, i know the pics are not so good, will take some better when the weather gets a bit better:p The one with sport brakes and sunroof is mine :funk: after 1 year i still cant attach pictures sry, so here is the link...
  19. Pics of my Ibiza MK5 all washed and waxed!!

    Spent a few hours today while it was nice out and gave my lil motor a wash and wax!! Love how nice the paint comes up and even gave the wheels a bit of a wax!! :D Just a few pics, i'm not the best photographer in the world!! :( Hope you likey!!
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