Nick G's Mk2 Leon FR TDi


Dec 26, 2005
maybe it was meant to be cupra with xenons and in the end they decided to make it FR but bumper with cutouts remained. Certainly there are headlight washers there if car has factory fit xenons.

Nick G

Full Member
Random but yes the car does in fact have Headlight washers - but not Xenons, and it's the FR TDi model...

Loving it still though, the Wife is still really enjoying it driving about with the baby all day - Seems to suit us perfectly.

I have had the wheels refurbed (Powdercoated) since those pics, but not got a pic of the car... just the wheel close ups, i'm really happy with them though - looks so much better now.


Nick G

Full Member
Some new pics (Taken 20th Feb) after a good detailing session, glazed with Poorboys Black Hole, Sealed with Zaino Z2, Waxed with Natty's blue, followed by a Zaino Z8 wipedown...

(Not including the hours spent with IronX, Clay, Washing, Snow foaming, Wheel cleaning, Exhaust polishing, interior etc)! :happy:

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