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  1. Smyg

    Track my Leon Cupra!?

    Hey guys, ordered my 2018 car in April and got a 6-digit number from my local dealer. VW has a tracking page for 8-digit numbers... won't work for Seat :( Can I track this somehow?
  2. new car

    hi to all on the ibiza forum , after having 3 leons now ive just ordered the ibiza fr 2.0 td1 5 door in red . im trading in my 2008 leon fr 550 2.0 tdi, its cost me £3600 and the leon this includes having the side skirts and rear spoiler of which they are going to fit and spray for free . the...
  3. epts2008

    Pleas help with my cutting out problem before I burn the car

    Right basically since I bought my 1.4 16v AHW leon just over a year ago it randomly stalls/cuts out when driving then instantly bump starts itself after it cuts out. This happens generally when driving along from 10mph to 90mph any speed it will do it, also sometimes I get to the end of a road...
  4. McCann87

    Car Polishers

    Are they worth it? If so, anyone able to reccomend one? Is this any good? http://www.passionauto.co.uk/products/car-care/polish-waxing/electric-buffers-pads/high-power-electric-car-polisher-buffer.php
  5. NicksGotAFR

    My New Car (with Pics)

    Hey guys i picked up my new Cupra yesterday. It's Furia Grey and I opted for the convenience pack and xenons. I did have a minor issue with the plastic surround to the handbrake, it was warped slightly and didn't fit flush but the dealer has ordered a new one no questions asked...
  6. demonear

    How long have you got before you have to pick up a newly delivered car?

    I know it's a bit of a strange one and people usually stress about how long they have to wait for their new car but in my circumstances it suits me better to get the car around the time i was told it'd probably be ready but it's turned out to be earlier than expected. I was expecting it at the...
  7. my new car...

    hi folks just thought id introduce me and my new car, its a cupra r 225 had it a month now and just wondered if anyone on here knew it before s the guy i had it from said it was totally standard but when i got it back and lifted the bonnet the first thing i saw was an awesome gti branded forge...
  8. Car Dead

    Hi Guys, So i washed my car on Sunday afternoon got her looking all smart locked her up and went for a drink with some friends (Coke) When i came back about 1hr later the car coughed and spluttered into life and then just died it would start again. A friend of mine with VAG-COM came up to run...
  9. sunny2k2000

    How do you clean your FR? (or any other car for that matter)

    I wash in the following order: 1. Jet washing - to spray off as much of the dirt, grime, bugs, bird droppings, etc. 2. Wheels and tires - Agitate with a wheel brush to clean wheels without scratching. I wash each wheel and tire one at a time and rinse thoroughly 3. Wash body - I use two...
  10. hi guys, new car, problems- hesitancy, petrol flap, locks, strange hole in engine

    hi guys, 2002 tdi leon, just got today, when driving home i noticed bit hesitant going up through the gears almost holding back then letting go (all very quickly) then driving ok, then doing same again? any ideas?? also fuel flap doesnt work, figured out by pulling carpets in boot that i...
  11. oil light flickering and engine jumpy on new car!! please help!!

    on 1.9tdi, 2002, 110 any ideas??
  12. Mylo

    Lowering a car on coilovers, what needs setup ?

    Decided to drop my car a little bit more for Santa Pod yesterday so wound the Wietecs down a few turns. Was this the correct course of action ? The Neuspeed arb has adjustable droplinks, I assume I need to reset these as well. Any guides or advice would be very welcome. If there is an...
  13. mikesndbs

    Purchased car - poor condition!

    Hi You may know I purchased a 2005 Leon 1.8 SE last Friday. Well, I noted a few niggles so took it for a check over at the main dealer today. :cry: OH my, its got some problems, some that I had to get them to fix today as the car was unsafe! I spoke with the seller (a established...
  14. Has my car been modded? RR Pics

    Got my car on a rolling road, was very suprised to find out its peak power at around 198 bhp :blink: Car is meant to be standard + i cant see anything that has been changed. The torque is around normal, just over 230 nm. Anyone has similar results? Possibility its been remapped...
  15. F8 CMR

    jack through side of car :(

    Hi guys, thought id make the most of the nice weather and paint the callipers, so i used my jack from the car on on side of the car and my trolley jack on the other side and unfortunately the trolley jack slipped therefore causing the hole car to twist and the jack from car went into the other...
  16. Zappa

    Major car problems tonight after a cruise - help or advice required please!

    Hi all, driving a 2004 Ibiza, 1.2, 50k Miles. I took a drive up to the coast tonight with a few mates (30miles). You may have seen a thread I posted up a couple of weeks ago about changing the air filter and cleaning the spark plugs - Ever since then, the car has been shuddering between...
  17. Which car stereo?????

    Hi there... Im looking at getting a new stereo, the two im looking at are the Kenwood KDC-BT8044U, or the Pioneer DEH 7100BT.Has anyone got these if so what are they like???
  18. thebody

    Exhaust Fumes in Car

    My first post so hi to everyone. Went to look at a Seat Ibiza 16 v gti today. The car wasnt in bad nick little rust but very light. Few of the usual issues Dipstick snapped Passenger side window comes off runners. Also the owner was trying to be crafty and had taken the ABS light out to pass...
  19. F2 Ed

    weigh your car

    where can you get this done? :)
  20. Has My Car Been Tweaked

    I bought my FR TDi about 4 weeks ago, and was impressed with the power, if a little lively but thought I would get used to it. Anyway, 4 weeks on and i'm starting to think it may have had a little tweaking by its previous owner. In 1st, 2nd and occasionaly 3rd the car is lively as hell...
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