1. Jon TDI

    Leon TDI Sport - Summer Wheels on & pics after a bit of a clean!

    Can't find my original thread, so here are a couple of updated pics after a wash, clay bar & wax session:-
  2. Smee

    Help. Damaged Pads still ok to use?? pics

    hello just had my DS2500 delivered and the courier dumps this bag on my desk.. thats a little strange thought these would be boxed... they were but insidently they have fallen out the box and been clanging around for 2 days in a back of a transit van 2 look fine no issues but 2 look well...
  3. -SlicK

    My mk4 Ibiza 1.4TDi

    Hi all this is the car iv been learning to drive in and ill be using it until april when my dad trades it in for his new beeza, please beware i may call it mine but its not really :p Heres how she started 08 plate only done 3.3k: Now to this: Sorry for the...
  4. rsmith

    LCR W.I.P Update K04 Hybrid- F23 Here, mini review page 50

    Hi all, I have been doing a lot of work on my engine bay as of late, i have most of the mods done now apart from the final 2 engine bay mods which are a mirror polished inlet manifold and a CAI, but i think i am nearly there and can finally start on uprating the handling on the LCR, starting...
  5. krisbutler02

    few pics of my car today

    well i decided to polish it up whilst we have sun
  6. james walker

    pics of leon cupra facelift with fmic

    has anyone got any pics of their leon cupra facelift with fmic fitted? want to see whats best to do with bumper when fitted to get maximum airflow etc, with grills. cheers guys
  7. lockly

    Pics of my fr

    Hello people i took some pics of my car yesterday just after i lowered it some more:) hope you like em! my car almost standard [/IMG] my car as it is now [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  8. Ad Lav

    Ad Lav's Fabia vRS! Yes, I know its not a SEAT...

    After nearly a year of sulking from selling the Ibiza and having two cars that I wasn't particularly happy with (MK3 Golf GTI and MK6 Ford Fiesta Zetec S) I found my balls and purchased this baby from Skoda in Beckenham... Its a 2006 06 Fabia vRS in Black Magic :) Test drove it almost...
  9. Pics of my 57 plate LEON FR!!

    Hey folks finally get pics up of my leon FR!! yes i know it's about time lol here they are hope you like!! Nick :D
  10. W8 interior light - Pics and how to....

    Hi All, Im interested in putting a W8 light cluster in my car but im not hare how to do it. Is it just a direct replacement? Also is anyone able to post up oics of what they look like for me? Cheers Alex
  11. Dan_Biza_Boi

    new wheels - pics

    Just got my new wheels on saturday I had Range Rover Karn replicas on before :: Now got i have got Ibiza Cupra alloys:: What does everyone think ? cheers dan
  12. Some pics of my FR

    Hi people here are a few picks of my Leon.... Picked her up last weekend and i couldnt be happier.. anyway let me know what you think and any ideas to what i should do to her..
  13. Neel-Cupra

    Sportline & Milltek pics!!

    Just been down to Awesome yesterday to have my long awaited full milltek and eibach sportline springs fitted :p well pleased with the results :funk: anyone thinking of getting the sportline kit go for it!!! fantastic ride quality and makes it look alot meaner, milltek sounds great aswell [B)]...
  14. new intercooler :) and a few more pics

    hi me and dai cupra decided to fit my intercooler yesterday so i thought id put up a few pics also theres a few pics of my new turbo back exhaust aswell
  15. rikwheeler

    Pics of polished/powder coated internals

    Hey guys. Wanting to tidy up the engine bay and wanting some ideas. I have a black LCR and have also changed most of the hoses to red forge hoses but now wanting to change the inlet manifold, rocker cover and charge pipe. Have been having a look and see a lot of people have polished their...
  16. evo2345

    Tinted Headlight covers new pics added

    Started Off as this, cheap buy from ebay Then decided to buy some tint spray and they turned out like this What do you gus think? im still undecided:confused:
  17. New Mk5 SC (Pics now added)

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and have just got my brand new 1.6 Ibiza SC sport in candy white delivered yesterday:D. I've already got the Rear windows tinted which looks a lot better on a bright white car. Can't post pictures just yet so will have to get to 15 posts, But in the mean time...
  18. hon_n_gem

    Pics of your cupras engine bay?!

    Hi guys and girls, I bought a Cupra a couple days ago, and it just seems something is missing from the engine bay?! In fact I am sure that there is something missing from the lower right just below the battery!? Other than that Im loving my new cupra, Cheers, Hon
  19. Need pics on a 2.0 8v with a power boost valve fitted

    please please please i need pics on a 2.0 8v with a power boost valve fitted ive had mine for ages just want to give it a go
  20. DaveysFR

    Pics of my 2007 Leon FR TDI

    Heres some photos of my FR TDI, owned it since May 2007 and has covered 39k miles. [B)] ] ] ] ] Comments and questions welcome...
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