1. Installing a Sub - with Pics

    Hey guys
  2. Dectane LED lights pics

    Not bad
  3. Damage to car while in Dealers (pics included) - need advice please!

    This dealer offer a 2 year warranty on any work done, and as the paint job on the new rear bumper (insurance job) was: 1) not the right colour, and 2) covered in 'orange peel', I got them to do it again which they were happy to do, and they sent the car back off to the bodyshop. I went to...
  4. Glovebox lock/ clip fallen off - Pics of the location of the clip please :)

    After going over a v bumpy road my glovebox will not shut. The problem is the plastic clip that the glovebox door connects to has fallen off. However I can't figure out how to screw it back on. Please can someone be as kind to send me pics of where it goes and describe how it is screwed...
  5. shaunymac

    Shauny Mac's LCR (new pics added 20/1/11)

    Well I am on to my 4th Leon now 2 mk1's and 2 mk2's the LCR is my favourite though. Not really any mods so far apart from 007p, N249 Bypass, Silicone TIP, Air filter and Eibach pro springs. Here is the day I bought it. And after a recent wash Plans are to get all the...
  6. prezf

    Prezf -MK2 Leon - Carbon Engine Cover Fitted **PICS**

    Hi guys (and girls), I've seen a lot of nice cars up here and thought I'll put my boy up as well. I'm not gonna bother you with the story of the car (it's quite interesting though). Let's get down to business :clap: MODS: Engine: - 2.0T Engine Conversion - came out of...
  7. DaveysFR


    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an 18 inch set of BBS CH deep dish reps for my Mk2 Cupra. The guy I am buying them off says to put 8 inch wide rims on the front and 9 inch wide on the rears. I will be reusing my 225/40/18 tyres from my standard Cupra wheels. But I wreckon 8 inch wide all round...
  8. jezyg

    FL FR TDi Intial Ipression and Pics

    After 190 miles we have both been impressed with the economy, performance and looks of the car. The luna grey silver paintwork seems to suit the car well and shows off the extended wheel arches and slash along the body very well. The 17" Ibera wheels do look bigger than the 17" size that they...
  9. RS6

    My Seat Leon Cupra R ** CAR SOLD* NEW CAR!

    Standard with Stage 2 mods fitted it made 235bhp and 219.4lb ft so not bad for a 210! AMD Stage 2 remap it made 270bhp + 319.4lb/ft with Forge TIP ------- Now Running Revo Stage 2 + Badger 5 TIP, Jetex Cone & Jabbasport Heat shield with cold air feed, X4 new coil packs, new thermostat...
  10. few pics of my L.C.R. before lowering it

    few pics of mi car.just lowered it but need to get some more pics the suspension lowered.let me know wot u think.......
  11. Post your leon pics

    Seems theirs a lot of pictures lost in threads now, so feel free to post any car and accessories pictures her. My car is a 2008 leon dti FR550 citrus yellow 25000 miles.
  12. steelies on a leon... Pics??

    anyone put steelies on a leon? wanting to make mine look a bit different. any pics? thanks
  13. Sparkie

    Tail pipe pics please!

    Looking for a cat back exhaust, think I want twin pipes, but who knows? would like pics of pipes and what they are, LC more relevant to me as it seems the likes of blue flame only do them for the LCR or am I mistaken? please help.
  14. Willlee81

    Refurb wheels LCR just a few pics

    Been wanting to refurb my wheels for ages! finely got round to it lol Really pleased with the results :clap:
  15. sm_cupra

    A few pics of my Cupra with my new SLR

    Just bought myself a Canon 450D SLR camera, been practicing taking pics of my Cupra, kinda hard in the dark need to get myself a tripod lol...
  16. Bobby.Gee

    Any Pics (desperate)

    Im really not liking my wheels now they are painted the more i look at them against the yellow i just dont like them. Would look ok on a silver or grey car but not a yellow one. Anyway i can grab some RS4 rims with the 7 double spokes... Doesw anyone have a picture with them on a cupra...
  17. Few pics of my Supercopa before it goes!

    Hopefully my Mk1 Supercopa will be leaving me this weekend after 2 happy years of ownership. Taking a westfield in part exchange as a consolation while i finish building my other racecar. I know some of you on here have seen it already but enjoy the pics. :D Russ
  18. Damoegan

    Oulton Park pics - 06/02/10

    If anyone wants a high res copy just PM me your email address, I'll number the pics to make it easyer. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
  19. paul-murphys

    pics of anthracite color wheels

    been trying to search for some pics of a lcr pref black with anthracite wheels, does anyone know where there are some as have tried searching loads but cant find them, or please post pic up if you have one thankyou
  20. 306Chris

    Front Bumper Vinyl (Finished Pics Now Added)

    After posting pics in the readers rides section someone suggested to vinyl the front bumper! A quick photoshop gives this: Before After: What d'ya think? Also is this the stuff to use...
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