Dectane LED lights pics

harry fr

Just checked their website and it's saying only standard bulbs not xenon?
I think they are standard bulbs, you can buy them with either the projector style lens (what you should be using if you're fitting hids to diffuse the light) or the standard reflectors for normal bulb use.

the ones above have the projector lens. With standard bulbs it will probably be quite dim.

The only thing that put me off whas the chrome strip the leds were mounted to. But they don't appear very apparent on these photos.

Not a bad front bumper either if you don't like fogs and aren't fussed about your number plate blocking air!


Definately prefer the projecter style staggered lenses in the latter photos Pov. See what I mean about standard bulbs diffusing in the projector bit? Definately would fit hids with them.
yeah see what you mean now.

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Aug 15, 2008
true, i remember seeing a picture on these forums of someone who had put led lights in the aero front bumper side slat thingy ma bobs.... that looked the nuts...wanted them ever since
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