1. LED to HALOGEN headlight conversion

    Hello all, So new to the forum as I am looking to purchase a 2016 pre-facelift Mk3 FR with LED headlights, that is no longer under warranty. Beautiful car, very tidy, well kept, low mileage, everything as it should be............then I read this forum about the LED headlights, the...
  2. Krish123

    Full LED light design on 2017+ ibizas

    Hey guys, hope everyones doing well! Was just wondering which Ibiza’s had the full LED DRL (picture 1) as opposed to basic LED DRLs (picture 2) and from which date? I had a look online but couldnt find pricelists for the 2017 and 2018 facelift ibizas. This is purely out of curiosity, thank you!
  3. Calum98

    Water in LED Headlights (DRL not working)

    Good morning, I have a Leon 2016 Technology FR with LED lights. I've noticed before condensation forming inside of my headlights, nothing too major though until the other night during some bad flooding, both headlights had water inside and my front right headlight stopped working completeley...
  4. JoshRedCupra

    Lighting How to Install Footwell LED's

    Installing LED footwell lights on Seat Ibiza Cupra These are the LED's I will be using: I picked them up off of Amazon for quite cheap but I know they are a decent quality. I've already run the wiring in on the passenger side it looks like this: Step 1 - Remove the fuse for the interior...
  5. Syphon

    AT Designs don't just do car stuff....

    Tony can pretty much make anything you want. In our initial call, I mentioned I was a mega Prodigy fan. Tony worked his magic and I've now got an amazing one of a kind piece to light up the office :cool::cool: :cool: Thank you @Tony Thurston! :) Very happy bunny.
  6. Sean McNally

    Led Perf DRL’s for the SE 1.6TDI

    Just throwing some pics up of the difference in the LED DRL upgrade from ledperf, makes a nice difference to the look of the car the normal lights are just too yellow for me led’s look sharp! Now to get some nicer main beam bulbs to match

    I changed my existing led number plate light as I had an error code on the dash. So I bought canbus error free led bulbs on eBay. I changed them and seemed to work for a minute but after didn’t. Put the old ones back on didn’t work or halogens either. The bulbs flicker for a second then goes...
  8. Syphon

    Next-Gen 2020 SEAT Leon teased ahead of January 28th 2020 reveal

    Syphon submitted a new article Next-Gen 2020 SEAT Leon teased ahead of January 28th 2020 reveal Continue reading the full article
  9. BillyD96

    Switching interior lights to LED

    Hi All, First post here! I'm also a new driver/not familiar with cars. I've seen multiple threads relating to this, but not sure if it applies to my model. I have a 2015 1.2 Petrol, DSG, 5 Door Seat Leon. I'm looking to change all the interior lights to LED's. Can anyone link me to a set...
  10. OJ9693

    Red Halogen or LED footwell bulbs

    I want to swap my footwell bulbs for red to match the ambient door lights. I have just had a look to see if they were LED as i've browsed other posts and people said they were, however mine are W5W Halogen. Now my question is can i simply swap these for LED bulbs or will this produce faults...
  11. Bosher

    LED Reversing lamp

    Been looking at all the threads regarding Cree LED P21W reversing lamps but most seem several years old now. Obviously, LED technology has moved on, and canbus compatibility issues must have improved (one hopes). What have people fitted recently that are canbus happy? It seems the cheaper Cree...
  12. jacko5

    My Seat Leon SC FR 2014 fog light bulbs ..

    Looking to replace the front fog light bulbs on the above car. I have looked around and seen 2 fitting for the bulbs. H3 and H8 can anyone tell me which bulb i need. Want to get it right first time as they are a pain to do. Looking at these...
  13. Cagwell

    LEDPerf front centre lights constantly on

    Hi all, I decided to buy some interior Leds from LEDPerf and I've ran into some issues with the front centre ceiling lights that are listed as T10 w5w Leds. The Leds have 5 smaller leds on the T10s and I've found after switching the car off and locking the doors that 2 of the leds are left...
  14. thecalstanley

    Headlight Range Control Error

    Hi All, Had a warning pop up this morning saying "Error: Headlight Range Control" followed by the yellow triangle at the bottom of the display. Managed to solve the issue by turning the car off and back on again. This allowed the lights to level again and all was fine. Came back out from...
  15. Cockpit view led headlights 2018 ibiza

    Hi guys, I had a video of the led headlights from my 2018 ibiza. Night shots from my dashcam. If someone don't know to order them or not, it can be helpfull maybe.
  16. JHox

    LED Side lights what sort of bulb needed?

    As above. Can anyone provide some guidance as to what bulbs are needed to change the Mk2 FL Leon sidelights from yellow to white to better match the xenon headlights?
  17. The Daily Meme

    Can't Find LED Indicator Bulbs Anywhere

    Hello, I've been looking around trying to swap out my tail indicator bulbs for LED bulbs. Had no issues finding knock off white bulbs claiming to be indicators. But as you all know, the original bulb in the SEAT LEON is itself, orange. Whilst i started to have this problem, I have been into...
  18. Tink

    LED boot interior & numberplate lights

    Ok so 1st question nice and easy to start. I got a 42mm no canbus error LED for the boot light. put it in and got a very faint light not as bright as it should be took it out tried other way as know they have polarity and nothing. so put original back in can anyone please supply me with a...
  19. The Daily Meme

    Facelift Tail lights in mk 3 Leon?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone on this site has managed this yet. Since I bought my mk3 Leon SC FR about a year ago, I've had many people comment on the size of my indicators. :( Not one to have my ego blunted that easily, but my self confidence is certainly lacking now. In all seriousness...
  20. Daryld

    LED Sidelight bulbs

    Guy's i know there are a few topics flying around about these but i just want some one to post the link they bought their LED sidelight bulbs from?? Want to get some for the FR... Also if any one has got the link to get blue/white led bulbs for foglights could they post it?? Thanks
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