1. s2celly

    LED Placement

    Where to put an aftermarket flashing LED for the Clifford alarm?
  2. Rear no plate LED MK2 Cupra

    Can the Rear No. plate lights on MK2 Cupra be changed to LED's with a straight bulb swap? or do I need to do anything else?
  3. Interior LED's

    Anyone had a go at fitting the internal led lights to replace the standard interior lighting?? Can the bulbs be just put in as a straight swap?? What do they look like when fitted??
  4. A6 LED rearlight style

    Hi have found an Iitalian guy who have made these rearlight back in 2006, i think they look great. Do anybody know if there is some people could make them as a production, if your get what i mean and if you like them.
  5. LED brake & indicator bulbs for Seat Leon?

    Had my Leon FR (facelift) jsut a over a couple of weeks now and looking already into little tweaks for it.. I read thread before about the LED side lights that actually work. However Im interested in adding LED Bulbs as brake / indicator bulbs, but unsure if they would work or if i would get...
  6. Am i stoppable with reg plate led lights?

    Just got some cool blues for the front and im putting in daylight LED,s for the rear reg plate lights ...Im more bugged about the reg plate LED.s does anyone have any experience of making yourself more prone to being pulled over because of them or are they strictly legal. The blurb says they...
  7. LED sidelights that WORK

    Hi All, I have on order a set of W5W LED sidelights that work with canbus systems like ours and don't throw a bulb out error!! They are £10.25 each (odd??) or £19.99 a pair. I am getting them from a well known bulb reseller on the web. I've had stuff before so I get the newsletter, free...
  8. itsmefishy

    Anyone struggled to fit PIAA LED sidelights??

    As title...there a **** to fit!! i cnt get em in the hole....snigger
  9. LED tape? (Dimming Alpine blue track display)

    I'm loving the Alpine stereo, especially since you can switch the LEDs to match the Leon interior lighting. HOWEVER the display remains a bright 'Alpine blue' and is really a bit too bright for my preference for night driving. There is no way of dimming this in the menus. I've seen a few...
  10. Tfsi_Mike

    PIAA Led sidelight kit

    Ordered a set of these. Not the best value for money but look much better than the yellow candles I have at the minute. Has anyone fitted these? Is it a straightforward job? Thanks
  11. LMJ

    What's the situation with LED's?

    Pretty quick, simple question really. Getting HID's eventually, and I was hoping to upgrade the indicators too maybe? You can buy many LED replacement bulbs that just swap straight in... are they legal? I look at a lot of these bulbs in halfords and it mentions off road use only...
  12. White_Lady_170

    L.E.D sidelights that work...?

    http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/501194t10-mini-light-tower-leds-xenon-white-p-1942.html Will they work in my Leon FR if they work in an Astra VXR...? Link to VXR thread - http://www.vxronline.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=46598&highlight=led+sidelights Cheers, let me know what you think!
  13. PJ_TDi

    Best LED bulbs?

    What are the best sidelight LEDs? I'm looking for white light to replace my candles, none of the blue tinted jobbies!
  14. Which LED sidelights fit please?

    I am thinking about getting some of the tower type but I am unsure whether they will fit, does anyone have these? If not can you let me know what type you have, if you recommend them reliability wise, and the source?
  15. l.e.d problemo

    just fitted some prism led sidelight bulbs on the car only to find they arnt coming on and iv got a light coming up on the dashboard. anyone had similar? cheers :confused:
  16. Help: LED Sidelights?

    Hi, I have had two LED driving light strips fitted to the front bumper of my TDi FR underneath the fog lights which look mint. They are wired into the side lights which are standard yellow bulbs. Can anyone help me locate some bright LED sidelight bulbs to match the driving lights when they are...
  17. Led strip lights like the new Audi?

    I have seen a Leon with the strip LED lights off the new audi. I thought it looked awsome and am now after a set. Any one seen these around? The Leon was in Runcorn so if ya on here mate would be great to find out where you got them from.
  18. L.E.D Sidelights

    What type of leds are people using with there hid,just it looks daft with normal bulbs and are they mot passable
  19. Chester

    Leon interior front LED install

    Be warned, these LEDs are bright, very high colour temperature, and gives a totally new look to the interior at night. If bright and white is not your thing, stay away from the white LEDs! Otherwise, have a look at this photoset. Cheers :)
  20. ET CUPRA

    Auto gauge 7 led oil temp

    Anyone have a wiring diagram of how to wire ones of these up using the 7 wires on the gauge? cheers guys
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