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  1. Led legalities

    I was looking at some gimicky led tyre valve caps and was wondering on the legality of having lights on my trims? Thanks in advance......
  2. 306Chris

    LED Sidelight bulbs

    Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest some LED sidelight bulbs that seem to do well in the Ibiza? I fitted 2 at the weekend and its blown the n/s one twice! Now I'm down to my last spare but they dont seem to agree with the Ibiza! :cry: Same bulbs have neen in my astra for over a year now so I...
  3. Gordz

    LED Fog Lights Not Working!

    FINALLY (ebay from china!) my led fog lights arrived and was just fitting them but they don't seem to be working :confused: Do the LED H3 bulbs need to be wired differently than normal bulbs? :shrug:
  4. scott cupra 225

    LED sidelights that actually work

    Hi guys, been reading the troubles people are having with LED sidelights. Anyway just got these today. http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/501194t10-anti-bulb-warning-xenon-white-wide-angle-p-2085.html?osCsid=f9e21693e7e55f4b2201248598446b37 They fit tightly into the bulb holder, the LED faces...
  5. wes_keo

    led festoon bulbs

    ive seen a few people using these led festoon bulbs to light up the rear registration plate, think they come standard on the new beamers to and am thinking about putting some in mine. think they look quite smart. has anyone put these led bulbs into there car yet and if so do you need the canbus...
  6. M20FES

    LED numberplate lights ?

    I got a pair of bright white LED festoon bulbs for the rear number plate, but they dont seem to last. Ive been through 2 sets in 2 months. Got them off ebay. Anyone else had any problems or recommend a brand that will last ?
  7. LED sidelight bulbs?? To match HID 6k.

    Has anyone found a good match LED sidelight bulbs to 6000k HID's?? Fitted my new HID's today from HIDS4U, they look rather pimp!!! but the LED sidelight bulbs i bought just let them down! Even though they claim to be pure white, they have a slight purple tinge to them, which doesn't look good...
  8. LED's

    Hi All, I should be collecting my new Boca next week and wonder if anyone can help me? It is Candy White and I have gone for the Bi-Xenon option. I would like to change the DRL bulbs, and sidelight bulbs for LED's so they match the xenons colour. Has anyone done this and do they give bulb...
  9. coggie

    Reversing light install

    With abit of time on my hands I finally got round to installing the LED lights I bought in the summer, to act as additional reversing lamps. I reverse down an unlit access road 4-5 times a week and as it's narrow I wouldn't mind seeing abit more. After some looking and thinking I decided to...
  10. Jon TDI

    For those running LED sidelights & resistors

    I've have the LED sightlights & resistor kit in my spare set of headlamps. However, when I trialled the resistor, it became very hot. Too hot to mount it in the headlamp itself - it would almost certainly burn through the cable insulation & probably burn through the plastic housing...
  11. Veyron

    LED Indicator Bulbs

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has put these in their car because i want to know how they look? Thanks http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2X-36-LED-AMBER-1156-TURN-SIGNAL-bulbs-BAU15S-PY21W-581_W0QQitemZ220461774823QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item33548bb7e7
  12. LED number plate lights

    can anyone please tell me what LED lights fit the lights for the number plates? wanting some smarter LED's instead of the usual dull lights also the best place to buy please Thanks
  13. EmDee

    Stock LED Rear Lights (First ever?)

    Okay, so you may have seen the MK1 Leon LED taillights floating around on Ebay. I liked the idea of them because they looked pretty stock, so I bought a set. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when they showed up because they didn't look as OEM as I'd hoped. The crystal lenses are a...
  14. Thermostat gauge red LED flashing

    hi,any help with this problem would be a great help as im moving house and have packed my owners manuals away for my Leon. i started it up this afternoon(1st time started today) and after a few secounds there was a warning beep and then the red LED on the thermostat gauge started flashing.it...
  15. NickLCR

    LED Interior Lights

    I've been trying to get LED lights to work in my interior light, but none of them will work :( Tried them both way rounds and still no light. The festoon LED light in the middle worked, but not the wedge LEDs. Anybody managed to get some LED lights working?
  16. Swapping bulbs to LED's?

    Hi, Due to pick up my Bocanegra soon and am still dissapointed that the daytime running lights are bulbs, not LED's:( Has anyone swapped these or any other of the standard bulbs for LED versions? If so do you get the bulb failure message on the dash due to the low cuurent of LED's and do you...

    Led - mot - failures

    Just had the cars first MOT today and it initially failed, luckily I had the original bulbs to put back and the car was passed. Reason for failure : the "white leds are deemed blue" by the transport tester - so before you take your pride and joy for its MOT remember to fit the old candles...
  18. s2celly

    LED Placement

    Where to put an aftermarket flashing LED for the Clifford alarm?
  19. Rear no plate LED MK2 Cupra

    Can the Rear No. plate lights on MK2 Cupra be changed to LED's with a straight bulb swap? or do I need to do anything else?
  20. Interior LED's

    Anyone had a go at fitting the internal led lights to replace the standard interior lighting?? Can the bulbs be just put in as a straight swap?? What do they look like when fitted??
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