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LED boot interior & numberplate lights


Active Member
Jul 24, 2018
Ok so 1st question nice and easy to start.

I got a 42mm no canbus error LED for the boot light. put it in and got a very faint light not as bright as it should be took it out tried other way as know they have polarity and nothing. so put original back in

can anyone please supply me with a link to a 42mm festoon bulb that will work in situ please.

Question 2

got a pair of 38mm festoon no canbus error LED for numberplates they had a kind of heatsink on the back wihich meant that they didnt fit in that great but they both worked in between turning the lights on I noticed a ticking sound coming from the fue box

Front and rear sidelight bulbs had stopped working due to the fuse blowing

took the LED bulbs out of the number plate lights and replaced the fuse and everything working again.

So again could someone supply a link to suitable 38mm festoon LED bulbs for number plate lights please.

One thing that confuses me is why did the number plate lights continue to work when the front and rear sidlights fuse had blown are they not all on the same fuse ??

Thanks in Advance.
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