1. Jimbobcook

    General maintenance Replacing the tailgate latch

    So a few days ago my boot latch started making some rather funky noises and then suddenly wouldn't lock the boot. The noise sounded exactly like this (not my video) So I ordered a new part from eBay with the part number 1P0827505A9B9 but always best to use the number from your old latch to make...
  2. iammooks

    Boot Locking Mechanism Headaches

    The only thread with really useful information on this is archived, so I can't post there, but I'm having a real pain with fixing my boot release. Trim is off and I've done the usual of lubing the mechanism. I thought this had worked, but all I'd actually done was fix the problem temporarily by...
  3. Cannot open boot or rear offside door

    As the title says, we can't open the boot or rear offside door. It started as an intermittent fault with the boot and got worse over around a 2 month period. I thought it might be the key battery, however; the unlock buttons on the center console by the handbrake also don't open these two...
  4. Mk4 ibiza boot floor same shape as fabia?

    Someone I know is selling a false floor with a built in sub and amp for a fabia and I was wondering if it is the same shape as a mk4 ibiza? Thanks
  5. Tink

    LED boot interior & numberplate lights

    Ok so 1st question nice and easy to start. I got a 42mm no canbus error LED for the boot light. put it in and got a very faint light not as bright as it should be took it out tried other way as know they have polarity and nothing. so put original back in can anyone please supply me with a...
  6. Boot lock latch fault Fix or Replace?

    Hi All this thread is mainly an "information" post, but I also have a question as well, but hopefully anyone that has this issue in the future can find all the info they need here rather than multiple threads I've searched the forum and found some great information on here. The issue is, when...
  7. Tartan58

    At last - got a boot lip spoiler fitted!

    Well I've wanted a subtle boot lip spoiler for ages but never seen it done on a Toledo and nowhere seemed to do one specifically for the Toledo. After much research and e-mailing I finally found a supplier on e-bay who could (a) supply one to the correct length to fit the Toledo and (b) paint...
  8. Jon TDI

    Boot release button on key

    Does anyone's boot release button on the key work? Mine hasn't since I got the car. Can it be activated via VCDS?
  9. aaronbromley

    Yet again - Faulty Boot lock

    Hello people, yet again i have a faulty boot lock, fed up with it now so i am looking at getting another one fitted. Does anyone know the part number though? The previous time it went wrong when i couldn't open it at all i took apart the boot and greased everything up - worked for about 6...
  10. Boot gone on strike and won't lock!

    Hi all I've got a 54 Altea 1.9 Stylance and got a problem with the boot. The little bugger has decided not to lock. After a quick if uneducated technical look at it, not really got a clue! So tried pressing the remote keylock many times and then resorted to threats and some swearing! No...
  11. Trouble with boot lock

    Hi all, Firstly I apoligise if this has been covered in another thread, have had a quick browse and didn't find a sollution. I locked my car as normal but when I went to unlock the boot (double click) it's still locked. This has happend to me before and I got it sorted during a service. I...
  12. Opening boot with engine still running?

    Ok, today i had a friend in my car, pulled up at his house to drop him off, didn't want to switch the engine off as it was only going to be quick, he got out and went to open the boot, as the car auto locks the boot wouldn't open, so i double clicked the unlock button on the keys whilst they are...
  13. jgy6000

    Removing Boot Hatch Trim?

    Hi all, Have done a search, but cant find a definitive answer! I want to remove the large plastic panel that sits on the inside of the boot hatch, under the rear glass. I have taken the two inspection covers off but cant figure out how it comes off, and I don't want to break anything trying...
  14. crezz

    boot lock/keys question

    well even tho ive had ibiza's for quite a few years now i never came across this.... well i cant get into my boot unless the central locking button has been pressed obviously... the key wont turn the lock? this aint right is it? :blink: am i being a moron or something? lol also, i had to...
  15. FL Cupra boot keep kinda opening

    Hey all, just wondering if any advice before I ring dealers n book it in. It seems for the past few days the boot keeps half opening, like it's still attatched but not fully shut, like when you dint shut it properly. I get out, lock it, leave it a few hours then come back and it's open...
  16. Boot Shape

    I take it the boot is the same as the B7 A4, I was looking at buying a boot mat for a A4 Saloon (05-08) and was wanting to make sure it is the same before I order it. Thanks in advance
  17. Electrical - Light in Boot

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully the title makes a tiny bit of sense. The light in the boot has become temperamental. Its not the bulb or as far as i can tell the wiring, but more likely the switch. The problem is I cannot find where the switch is for the boot light, ie with the boot open, the...
  18. Scott-o

    Interior and boot LED light bulbs

    Anyone have an idea what bulbs i need? Got led fuse type bulbs in my number plate lights but the interior and boot ones are longer are they not? Anyone able to help? Cheers, Scott
  19. epts2008

    LCR boot spoiler

    Hi there was wondering do the LCR's and LC's have different boot spoilers to the other leons like the 1.4/1.6?? Cheers guys
  20. RS6

    Boot badge for the leon says cupra?

    What do people think of putting the cupra badge on the leon? is it a leon badge you can get or just straight off the cupra? newbie asking lol
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