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  1. TDI PEP

    LED quad side bulbs w5w

    Has anyone tried to fit this type of bulb to the new Leon. I had a set of quad LED bulbs but they dont illuminate. Tried them both ways but still no joy. I have put them on my little Pug and they work fine. I just want a bulb that whiter and not yellow like the standard ones to match my...
  2. tinbum

    RAID Led Lights

    Hi folks Just a quick note to anybody thinking about ordering a set of Raid Led lights. Ive just got mine and in my opinion, not really worth the wait. Very poorly made, they dont even fit that well, first time I closed the boot, they banged together. The holders for the bulbs are the...
  3. LED Rear Light Bulbs

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted rear led bulbs to the back of a lcr, I didnt want to change the rear light clusters but just fit the led bulbs any feedback would be good. and what colour do you go for because the reflectors are red in the lights white led or red led ?
  4. LED rear lights

    I saw this video on you tube and it looks like the car has LED rear lights on it, any idea where you can get them from? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppsw-EMPilA&NR=1
  5. Side light bulbs - LED

    Had a bulb go, so I thought I'd get some LED side light bulbs as they need changing. After cutting my hand an wrist just taking the cover off, I tried to get to the bulb. Surely this is some kind of joke? From what I can see you either need hands like a four year old, or you take the...
  6. Raid LED taillights

    Hi Guys, I noticed that a couple of you have bought these, and after searching the forums I see that you've had some problems with voltage bleed into the centre brake light. I'm interested in buying some so i contacted raid and asked them if they were aware of any faults, this was their...
  7. wilksy

    led rear lights

    hi just looking at changing the lights on my leon in eclipse blue and thought these looked best and just wanted to know if anyone has seen them on or have a set fitted to their leon :) http://www.larkspeed.com/index.pl?p=SE12L61S&a=i
  8. cupra r rob

    L.E.D Brake lights

    Video's good if not a little on the corney side, but does anyone no how to do the led brake lights he's got. Think he's done them his self? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppsw-EMPilA
  9. J.Topaz

    Fitting an LED

    How would I put one in the drivers side door? What feed would I use?
  10. Leon LED Rear Lights

    Hey, Just a quick pic request. Has anyone fitted these LED rear lights (the black ones)? Ive seen the clear ones on a silver leon, but not the black ones on a black leon. In the pic they look crp, but fitted they look well gud. If anyones fitted them can you post the pic - dont wanna buy...
  11. uzzy

    LED Tail Lights

    Has anyone replaced the tail/stop lights with one of these new LED types? Were there any problems with the Leon thinking the lights were blown due to the lower power consumption? Are the stop lights 380 / 382? http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/home.php?cat=613
  12. Sanjay

    Glow plug light flashing / led brake lights

    I bought these led brake/tail lights from ultraleds.co.uk last week. They arrived today and I fitted them on my Leon FR Tdi. I tested them and they worked fine. Later when I was driving the glow plug light came on and started flashing continuosly. I did a search on here and found it could be...
  13. danthemanwhocan

    Got my RAID LED lights tinted (few pics)

    After getting my RAID LED lights, and putting them on, i liked them, then over time, I thought they were all a bit shiny. So found a website called clearblack who were handily not far from me in Bristol. £40 later and here are the results... Finish is great, service was great. I think the...
  14. brad_cupra05

    door pin led

    hi i came back to my car last nite unlocked the car but the led carried on blinking does this meen the alarm has gone of while i have been away?
  15. aphix

    RAID LED Rear lights on Red LCR

    Evening, Been wanting to fit the RAID LED Rear lights to my leon for a while now, just havent had the money to shell out for them.. anyway got a bargain on ebay so grabbed them. I know [email protected] fitted them on his black LCR and they looked stunning. Hadnt seen them on any other colour so...
  16. J@mes

    My RAID LED rear lights... (56k warning!)

    hi peeps! :) finally got round to fitting my RAID LED rear light clusters today... ... (after having waited about 3months to get them in from germany!) and id like to say DAN/danthemanwhocan and I are vertually the only 2 ur likely to see with a pair for quite a while i think! :yes...
  17. danthemanwhocan

    LED lights finally fitted....yay!

    Well, the weather was pants on the weekend, so couldnt get any decent shots, although managed to snap these two this morning. Dunno if the diadems suit, might have to invest in some silver ones. Otherwise, i'm well happy with them.
  18. midcuk

    door alarm led wiring

    daft question but both the wires to the door led are grey which is which as i want to change it for blue ? chris
  19. Vicky M

    LED's finally fitted.

    Today, i finally fitted the LED's to the Beeza, now got 36's refractors in front and rear indicators (amber) 36's refractor on stop/tail red single dome red inner pair of tail single dome wedge in front sidelights. Just got reversing light to do (still haven't bought that one yet)...
  20. LeeroyBrown

    Blue LED door caps

    Can any of you guys get hold of the door caps?? and different colour LED`s to go in them??? I would like some blue leds in both doors, as my mate has done it on his golf gti turbo and looks very good at nite.. Cheers all Lee
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