1. Few pics of my LC taken today

    Work in progress :D
  2. Some pics of my Bocanegra UPDATE: Now on Coilovers (pg2)

    Took the car out to get a few shots. Enjoy :)
  3. kyle18uk

    My new fully smoothed and flocked dash! pics!

    well... I wasnt going to share pics until my car is completely done in july but im just too excited about my new dash so thought id share two pics! All of the heater controls and window switches are going in the glove box! its been fully smoothed, no vents, no speaker holes and then flocked...
  4. RS6

    Exhaust systems - please post your pics

    Done a search not managed to find anyone whos changed the standard exahust? on a cupra r Im looking into changing mine as my backbox needs replacing looking around for ideas seen the miltek full catback system i like the look of the standard oval what have people got? thanks!
  5. Sparkie

    Starfish Alloys.. Refurb in what colour? Any pics?

    Might refurbish my starfish Alloys, what colour would you go for on a Platinum LC? Anyone done this in non standard colour? Got any pics, could you post them? Cheers
  6. cuprastupot

    Black LC: Liquid Gauge Readings

    Some pictures of the motor in the snow - very dirty, sorry. Then some pictures of new front very clean - had bonnet sprayed looks like new now. Just debating whether to put the cupra r splitter back on? Also comments welcome and appreciated on the top pre-facelift grilles. I never really...
  7. Ant FR

    After pics of cupra with Pro Race 1.2s

    Anyone fitted Pro Race 1.2's to a cupra, I was going to get the wheels refurbedon my cupra and have new tyres at the same time, however due tot he hassle of leavingwithout wheels for a few week thinking of just getting new wheels, so fancy a set pro race 1.2's as had a few sets of these in the...
  8. Cupra Gsy

    My Cupra finally finished (pics)

    A few pics of my Cupra finally finished after months of work a quick brief of what i have done..... De-Locked, De-Handled Smooth Boot Smoothed Out Lines On Bumpers Smoothed Lines Under Rear Lights Smoothed Over Rear Tow Cover Cupra R Splitter Golf Mk4 FMIC Powdercoated Engine Bay In...
  9. Cupra_Red

    Cupra_Red's Ibiza GT28RS with full spec and pics

    Been reading for a while so thought id join up and show you all my car. 2001 ibiza cupra in red, with a few mods done, wanting to go down the gt30/35 route wunt need much to do it just valve train and turbo/manifold and new map :) all comments welcome. Engine spec: GT28RS turbo...
  10. MrSpazzaneve's Ibiza mk4 Cupra TDI- pics added

    Model: Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI 04/2006 (i hope that the traduction is right :rolleyes: ) most recent modify Exterior: - white bright light by Eurolite - white beam by Eurolite - 6 led position lights by Simoni racing - smoked sidelight lamp - 75% black tinted back glass by Doctor glass -...
  11. It's here and I love it! (Inc pics)

    Finally picked up my Seat Ibiza SC 1.6TDi from Willoughby yesterday and it's brilliant. Managed 48MPG on the journey back from Nottingham to Grantham, and with only 8 miles on the clock when I drove it off, that's looking brilliant. Give it another 10K miles, and I reckon that'll get close to...
  12. Show me exhaust pics

    i have done a few searchs on here i am after few differnt pics of exhausts as i am after one its for me 1.8 20v t fr its just got the standard twin one on at the min. duno if a should go for another twin one but bigger or a oval some most of the oval ones look to big. so could someone please...
  13. how do i put pics up?

    hi, as above any help do i put pics up?:confused:
  14. MarkWales

    mk1 LEON grille and "S" Removal - to paint the "S" now with pics

    please dont flame me I have tried searching but getting no where could anyone tell me how to remove the "S" on the fron of the car - want to paint it and as I am going to be home for a while thought now would be a good time to do this Many thanks
  15. Car pics - SEAT Ibiza Mk3 views needed what mods etc

    well i bought this about a month ago, have had alot of trouble with it i only paid £600.00 for it and only needed a few pieces doin, so we sed anyway it needed 3 new tyres, front nearside lower wishbone bushes, front break pads, two new side repeater covers, break light sensor switch < still...
  16. daves ibiza gt28 bt build

    hi guys and girls as some of you might no ive hard a bad last year with accident in onvi cupra (rip) . wel just before xmas i was looking and seen a few that caught my eye silvers/black/red/blue . a good colour choices for someone who wanted one particular in colour. anyway i went ahead and...
  17. NI3K

    removing front bumper on Leon Cupra TDI pics

    Was wanting to change my headlight unit for a new one as part of it was cracked. couldnt see many pictures of a cupra tdi being dismantled. i took these pics as i was putting it back together as when taking it apart was pretty much winging it. anyone have any ideas why the sidelight would be...
  18. greganderson

    Leon 1.4 project...painted badge

    Just bought my very first mk1 leon today :D so happy, haha its only the 1.4 but as a 17 yr old its good enough adn cheap on insurance :D Its black and dirty :( but will very soon be cleaned and polished :) but for now, here's a list of things i wanna do in the next few months...
  19. First pics of the car

    Pretty new here already had some help from the forum with fixing my car so cheers. Here are a few pics i took of her today [B)]
  20. Interior Lighting..... (with pics)

    Hi Guys, I know it's not new or original and much the same as Mikes and others on the listed foreign Leon forums. Anyway, today I got around to changing the lighting on the centre console part and the switches near the handbrake. I'll be changing the mirror ones in a couple of days as they are...
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