1. Mk5 Ibiza turbo upgrade

    Hello, I was wondering what sort of turbo the mk5 ibiza had in it and also if putting one from a cupra leon in it would increase the performance. I will be getting it remapped after, but I just cant find what my current turbo is.
  2. jdmsx

    Maxton Design Side Skirt Extension Installation?

    Just got myself a set of Maxton Design Side Skirt Extensions and looking for a bit of advice. The instructions say to use a bit of sealant/glue along with the self tappers that come with it, but the sealant seems like a bit of overkill. Just wondered if anyone has installed them and could give...
  3. 1.2turd

    Recently bought a 1.8 tsi cupra. Garage says its remapable under warranty?

    So recently i bought a cupra, the garage i had it from (carshop) told me i could remap it without voiding any warranty? I asked like 3 times to make sure lol but he insisted as long as its just a map, below stage 3 and no other parts get changed etc it will be covered by warranty, so my question...
  4. Seat Ibiza MK5 Buying - To buy or not to buy?

    Hey Guys, been awhile since ive posted on here as the mk5 i usually talk about is my moms mk5 09 1.4 sport coupe and nothing to report of late. My little cousin is buying their first car and i am thinking about suggesting an ibiza mk5 1.4 sports coupe. As from my experience, they arent the...
  5. xChokis

    Headlight Removal and Cleaning

    Hey guys,so basically i had my headlights totally blacked out for a long time and i decided to remove them ever since with my work on the car i prefer the stock headlight look only to find out that there are some big stains on the inner lens ,so I'm guessing that means removing the front bumper...
  6. xChokis

    Is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, So i bought my car on the 31st of August 2018 ,the happiest day of my life as far as i can recall and it's been a blast ever since , i always had a thing for cars but over the past 2 years my passion grew stronger so i decided not only did i buy this car which i liked a lot and...
  7. jdmsx

    Mk5 Ibiza 6j 2.0tdi FR

    Hey everyone, been a member on the site since I picked up my Ibiza just around a year ago and never thought to create a thread until now. Seeing as though the 2.0tdi ibizas are a dying breed, I thought I’d see if I could find some other owners or people interested in them. Few modifications...
  8. Engine swap

    Hi everyone Abit of a random one here but i have a mk4 seat Ibiza sport 1.4 litre and my friends my 5s engine has given out. How difficult would it be to put the mk4 engine into the MK5?
  9. 2014 Ibiza 1.4 Mods

    Really looking for some help regarding modifications for my 2014 Ibiza (Red). Any recommendations would be appreciated as I don’t have any idea what would be best to look at or consider. My budget is around £1200, thanks in advance
  10. What Mods? SEAT IBIZA FR BLACK 1.2 TSI

    What mods do you think I should do on my Seat Ibiza Fr Black tsi 1.2? Need Ideas.....
  11. Petrol thirsty or faulty engine 1.4 (older gen)

    Purchased a seat ibiza mk5 2009 1.4 petrol , I've read a mixture of opinions but excessive fuel consumption seems to be a common issue with these older generation engines, got to a point where I can't establish whether there is a serious issue that is causing this I am not aware of, maybe faulty...
  12. Mk5 edition30 exhaust fit the cupra?

    Just a quick Q, Is the mk5 ed30 exhaust the same as on the cupra, apart from the tailpipe design. Would an aftermarket ed30 exhaust fit on the cupra?
  13. New Leather Interior for Mk5 Cupra!

    Hi everyone! Got some leather seats in the Cupra so I thought I'd share some pictures! I think they look great!! :funk:
  14. ibiza mk5 front wishone rear bushes

    Hello, the rear wishbone bushes on my 1.6 cr are shagged after only 6500 miles. Is this a common fault, has anyone else had the same experience? does anyone know if the solid bushes from the mk1 leon cupra fit the mk5 ibiza wishbone.
  15. Various faults with my Mk5

    Hi all, Apologies for my first post being about the problems that I've experienced with my Mk5! I've been monitoring the site for a little while and seen a few threads regarding problems so wanted to share mine and get some advice really. I have a 1.6 TDi, and these are the problems...
  16. Molehill_Mike

    Ibiza MK5 Eco - MPG

    We've had our ECO now since Christmas, and have covered around 3500 miles in it. Our average MPG is sat somewhere aroud 57, but peaks around 68 due to the long national speed limit drives we do (town driving then kills it). This tank looks liek we may get 550+, previous have been 470 up to...
  17. MK5 1.6 Sport

    Hi Asking on behalf of a mate whos getting the runaround with the dealership Hes got a MK5 Ibiza Sport 1.6 still with SEAT warranty and theres two faults with the exhaust 1) A hole just before or on the join of the the middle sliencer 2) A hole on the rear sliencer where the right...
  18. Pics of my Ibiza MK5 all washed and waxed!!

    Spent a few hours today while it was nice out and gave my lil motor a wash and wax!! Love how nice the paint comes up and even gave the wheels a bit of a wax!! :D Just a few pics, i'm not the best photographer in the world!! :( Hope you likey!!
  19. Do golf mk5 coilovers fit mk2 leons

    hi i have a mk2 1.4 tsi. can anyone tell me if coilovers from a mk5 golf will fit my car :)
  20. Who has a black mk5???

    Just wondering who has a black mk5?? And what is it like to live with as a daily driver?? Are the swirl marks bad, does it get dirty within the first ten miles etc??? Thanks
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