1. MK5 VW/CUPRA Pedals

    Couple of questions that I cant find else where. OK I have a problem with the OEM rubber, the break rubber was squeaking. So I had the dealer replace it, and stupidly said change the clutch pedal (which was fine) as well to match wear. Got car back and break pedal is perfect, but the...
  2. VW Golf Mk5 GTI Pedals for Altea

    Just finished installing my new Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTI Pedals yesterday in my Altea. I was very excited to find out if the pedals and footrest would fit the Altea. And the great news is they fit perfectly! :clap: I've put up a few pictures here...
  3. MK5 GTi Alloys pics

    Darn it, i thought i had my heart set on a nice set of 18" RS4's but then i saw a set of the mk5 GTi alloys on ebay and now i'm not sure :confused: Does anyone have a picture of a Leon with the GTi alloys on??
  4. Bogwoppit

    Altea with Mk5 Golf GTi wheels.

    Just photoshopped an image of a Red Altea for a friend as he is thinking of getting some Mk5 Golf GTi wheels for it. Those people who are running 18" wheels on Altea's, what offset and wheel width are you using please, also what size tyres? Anyway here are the before and after pics of the...
  5. lc_allan

    LCR Teardrop Mirror Glass, same as MK5 Golf?

    Does anyone know if the LCR teardrop mirror glass is the same size as the MK5 Golf? I fancy getting a blue set of mirror glass, I have seen pabs guide but this was for the older shape which was the same as the MK4 I believe? Anyone done this or know the correct Vag car type that is the...
  6. MK5 Golf GTI wheels

    what does anyone think of me putting these 18" on my LCR? would they look right? would they fit? has anyone got any pics with them fitted?
  7. new Ibiza 2007 mk5 !?!?!?

    i saw these picture on the net , does some one know if is a new Ibiza ? :-o or is just a tunning touch ?????????
  8. Yaboy

    Beat a Mk5 Golf gti

    I am so pleased with my Leon after i had it remapped its a complete different car I had a race with a black golf gti mk5 was a good race but my leon is super quick now theres just too much torque, I would higly reccomend anyone who wants to get a remap to get a custom map if you got the right...
  9. JKing

    MK5 golf 2.0 FSI Turbo Intercooler

    I've seen a few VW guys using these on 1.8 20v Turbo conversions so wondered if it would be a viable option for an Ibiza Cupra. They are pretty big but seem quite slim and have the inlet and outlet both facing back towards the engine which should help with pipework fitment.
  10. stoneyfordNI

    what turbo does a mk5 golf 170 use

    as per title ; just seen this on german ebay any one any info , i assume the manifold etc is the same as 1.9 , also whats with the lead ( EGT?????)
  11. Me vs MK5 GTI + Civic R

    Crikey, what an entertaining day! My mates had his Black GTI for about 2 months, and a mate of his has a year old Type-R. With nobody doing anything today we decided on a blast out up through Kielder and some of Northumberlands finest roads. First off, it was incredibly difficult to keep...
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