1. How do you get the radio out of the mk5 ??

    I've just bought a new facia to install 2 double DIN radio into my mk5, but i cannot even get the facia off !. I daren't prise it too much incase i snap it. I've tried with quite a lot of pressure (screwdirver behind the facia), but i'm marking the soft dash surround area and it will not pop...
  2. Ant FR

    Speedo on Mk5 is terrible

    Got a mk5 as a courtesy car at the moment while my car is in. Got to say not mega impressed, does'nt feel a step up from the mk4 more a sideways step. Seems to be lots of cheapened parts such as the washer jets, the remote controls stolen from Ford, Button layout seems really silly, why hide...
  3. POLL: Have you had trouble with you Mk5 Ibiza?

    Well after seeing another thread with Ibiza problems I thought I'd do a poll. I know when you have a problem you’re bound to be more vocal than if you don’t. So I’m interested to see what the ratio is like. Feel free to add any comments good or bad about your car. EDIT: If you have...
  4. BAGZ

    mk2 leon & mk5 golf alloys

    hi i was wondering if any one could help me, i have mk5 golf alloys and i was wondering if any one new if they would fit a mk2 leon and what other cars would they fit? thanks:)
  5. Octane2097

    New MK5 Owner

    After owning a MK4 for a few years, and since i havnt had any problems (not even the rear wiper jet) i decided to stick with SEAT for my new car Just bought it hopfully pick it up tomorrow MK5 Ibiza FR DSG in Luna Grey only one they had in (and it had only JUST been deliverd to them) and...
  6. Who's ordered/got what mk5

    As the title says really. Just interested to know who has ordered or received what out of the new Ibiza SC range. (If you've ordered dakota red Bocanegra just vote as in the White option. Didn't realise i'd be limited to 4 choices).
  7. yusuf_1977

    My MK5's First day

    its the first day we come together its been a year almost and our love has never changed :)
  8. will this bumper fit or is it for the mk5?

    see the third post for the link please :)
  9. Anyone fitted alloys to their MK5 yet?

    Has anyone fitted any after market alloys to their MK5 ibiza yet?... if so then post pics!
  10. loonymoon

    Ibiza ecomotive mk4 and mk5 what are they like?

    One day in the distant future I would like to change my ibiza to an ecomotive version. So what are they like? I gather the mk4 version would be similar to my own ibiza, just with the ecomotive engine. What are they like to drive? How's the performance? What's the mk5 like? What is a...
  11. stezo2k

    MK5 Cupra appearing in Forza 3

    Was just browsing through a few pics of the new forza game (which looks fantastic btw) and noticed the MK5 Ibiza has made an appearence :D i'm guessing the Leon K1 will be on there as the MK1 Leon appeared in Forza 2. cant wait to get this game
  12. Molehill_Mike

    Ibiza Mk5 Eco Test Drive - OPINIONS WANTED!

    Hey All, Went to test drive an ECOMOTIVE Ibiza today, must say we were very impressed.. hoping to go for a White one, will keep you posted! Anybody got views/opinions? I've read a little on here, but sometimes you get a greater response when asking the whole community! For those who...
  13. Shell V-Power in the Ibiza Mk5 ?

    Hi, i'm sure it has been asked before, but not sure if it has been asked about on the MK5 Ibiza with it being relatively new. Just read the bumph on the Shell V-Power and how it gets you more miles per gallon, how it cleans your engine etc etc...... not entirely sure i believe it all ...
  14. will the golf mk5 wheels fit onto my mk4 ibiza

    Hi, will the golf mk5 wheels fit onto my mk4 ibiza ? thanks mitch
  15. vtxracer

    Clima codes for MK5 ??

    Hi. Does anybody know the clima codes for ibiza mk5 ? I searched and i found codes for the previous models. thanks
  16. bigman75

    My mk5 experiences

    Hi I just thought i'd introduce myself and the car i've got :) I bought an mk5 1.9 tdi SC Sport with Nayara blue metallic finish and 17" alloys as extras. This was available in the showroom so no waiting involved! :D In an ideal world i would've had the ipod/usb kit and possibly the...
  17. jamjar

    Ibiza Mk5 Delivery

    Hi Has anyone ordered a factory build ibiza Mk5 after June been given a build date?
  18. Scully

    LCR Splitter on MK5?

    Hey Dude's has anyone tried fitting an LCR splitter on a MK5, Just wondering if it would fit? Or not! cheers
  19. Mk5 Ibiza Cupra Video and Hi-Res

    Hey guys, This is our first post, we do a lot of marketing for SEAT and thought you guys would enjoy hi-res shots of the new Ibiza Cupra on our SEAT Shots Flickr page: And some video of the cars coming into the UK on our YouTube channel...
  20. Your new seat ibiza mk5's lights ?

    Hi folks. i opened a previous thread as was (still am) experiencing what i believe so far to be a fault in my lights Could anyone please tell me if the following is normal. And typically if your seat ibiza 1.4 sports coupe does this: One fog lamp on at a time with headlights. Either...
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