1. MK5 Ibiza Cupra

    Got it last week. Decided to take a few shots on the roof today. :) Apparently I can't post pictures/links without making 15 posts, so just copy and paste the following album link in to your browser. (Admin: apologies if this is...
  2. FR,Cupra,Boca partnumbers and MK5 Wheels

    Borrowed this from other forums thread: Sport wheel leather FR 6J0 419 091 P YTR Carbon black 6J0 419 091 P FE6 Anthracite/black Sport wheel leather Tiptronic model FR 6J0 419 091 Q YTR Carbon black 6J0 419 091 Q FE6 Anthracite/black Sport wheel leather Tiptronic model CUPRA 6J0...
  3. Mk5 Golf or TD130 Mk4 Ibiza?

    Well I've currently got a 1.2 Mk4 Ibiza & its a brilliant car, but will an increase in income I'm considering either of the above. Ibiza Pro's/Con's: +Good Value +Based on VW Chassis/Parts. -Not the best quality build construction (interior). -Looks awful in 5 dr. Now I know I'm...
  4. MacFever

    DAB radio in MK5 Ibiza

    Hi guys, Any thought on a nice DAB radio ? I dont need a GPS because I have the Tomtom cradle on the dashboard Suppose I will have to change the antenna to the one used by the New Polo where DAB is a factory option Eric
  5. dan_wilson87

    ibiza mk5 cupra induction

    Guys, does anyone know of an induction kit available for the 1.4 tsi from the new ibiza cupra, i was lookin at a gold mk5 170 bhp one from k&n, but not sure on the affect it would have on the engine. what do u think?
  6. Lifecrisis

    Thinking of getting an Ibiza Sport Mk5, advice please?

    Hi all, :) I'm looking at getting rid of my Leon FR (58 plate) and getting a Ibiza Sport 5 door 1.6TDI to try and save a bit on my motoring costs. Just went to the same dealer where I got my Leon around 15 months ago and this is what deal I've been offered. 12.5k for my Leon, with bluetooth...
  7. Handy things to know about your Ibiza MK5

    Guide now located in the new resources section of the site

    Poll our you happy with your mk5

    hi guys just thought id post a poll to see if your happy with your mk5 ibiza. Just to see how many our happy with it and if its been back to the stealer bar a service?

    Seat Ibiza mk5 car seat covers

    Does any one know where I can get some nice seat Ibiza bocanegra seat covers for wheni fetch it any ideas
  10. mk4 alloys on mk5 ibiza's

    just wanted to make sure the mk4 and the mk5 have the same stud pattern/bore size etc before i order new wheels cheers dave
  11. Radio in mk5 - ISO block not standard !!

    Hi again, Just tried to put a standard ISO SD/USB radio in my Mk5 Ibiza and found that the wiring block in the car wont fit a standard ISO radio ! I've taken pictures to show: Does this mean i'd need an adaptor of some sort to fit onto this and terminate into ISO connectors...
  12. Radio in mk5 - does it need a radio code upon disconnecting it ???

    Hi folks, I was checking to see if my mp3/usb radio would work in my Ibiza mk5 a while back, so i took the standard radio out. The radio did work fine, but didn't look as good as the original. So 10 minutes later i put the original one back in. To my horror, it was asking for a radio code...

    All you who have a MK5 ibiza Cupra or Boc. Question.

    Hi you lucky lot. just a question !! the gear paddels. in sport i know it's higher revs, but is it faster useing this method , or is it just as quick in D SHIFT, Becase when you hit the throttle it changes down & you take off, is this just as quick, but with out the fun playing with the paddles...
  14. MK5 Wheels on a MK4

    Sorry to post another will these wheels fit thread but i need to know if 16"x7j et54 mk5 Ibiza alloys with 215/45/R16 86H tyres would fit my 2005 MK4? Thanks Andy
  15. Removing MK5 Ibiza front door trim

    Guide now located in the new resources section of the site
  16. Golf mk5 wiper arms

    does anyone know if the golf mk5 Aero wiper arms are the same as the mk4 version, i know the mk4 version will work on the leon but im unsure about the mk5's or are they the same?? anyone know?
  17. Golf Mk5 GTI Brakes

    Anyone know if they'll fit with adequate spacers etc?
  18. Molehill_Mike

    Air Dials/Knobs - MK5 ECO

    Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has had any issues with their air direction dials, not pointing at the correct position? IE You set dial to feet adn the windscreen gets blown. I am hoping there is a simple way to remove the dial/knob, and then re-atach it in the correct position? Would...
  19. wigz45

    Price of mk5 fr rear bumper?

    Any chance anyone could find out how much a new mk5 fr rear bumper is please? looking to get one as the standard one is poor and a custom pipe built but currently working nights so dont have any time to go to the dealer! thanks alot :)
  20. ibiza mk5 mods

    is there any mods for the car yet i have the 1.6 sport with alloys tailgate spoiler on its way with armrest not right sure what there else is at the moment for the car also my car is candy white