Headlight Removal and Cleaning


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Sep 26, 2018
Hey guys,so basically i had my headlights totally blacked out for a long time and i decided to remove them ever since with my work on the car i prefer the stock headlight look only to find out that there are some big stains on the inner lens ,so I'm guessing that means removing the front bumper undoing some clips and unplugging it from the battery,then I'm removing the bulbs but how should i clean it? I'd appreciate it if anyone has any experience on the topic as i really need some insight,pictures attached


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Apr 5, 2017
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Can you clarify if the dirt is inside the headlamp or not?

If it's on the outside why do you need to remove the whole lamp?

If it's on the inside the only reliable method I've seen of opening the lamps is to bake them in the oven until the sealant becomes loose enough to pry apart. And yeah you need to take off the front bumper to remove the lights. There's some vids on youtube.
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