1. Will Cupra parts fit a 1.2 tsi SE?

    Ive seen a breaking cupra on the fb marketplace going cheap annd wouldnt mind a few parts from it for my 2014 1.2 tsi. Will parts such as boot spolier, front grille, disks/callipers fit the se or not?
  2. xChokis

    Headlight Removal and Cleaning

    Hey guys,so basically i had my headlights totally blacked out for a long time and i decided to remove them ever since with my work on the car i prefer the stock headlight look only to find out that there are some big stains on the inner lens ,so I'm guessing that means removing the front bumper...
  3. body panels resraying?!

    well yet again ive chipped paint off, this time it was a case of reversing in a pile of awkwardly placed plaster board which could have been placed elsewhere, the pdc was going off as well but i thought that it was because i was reversing near the other cars so i thought nothing of it. so...
  4. TDi_B5

    Throttle Body cleaning

    Has anyone cleaned their Arosa's throttle body? I noticed that mine looked grubby when I was replacing the air filter element and have read some stuff on cleaning them. I understand that if I remove it to clean it, I will have to get it re-aligned using vagcom, which would mean hunting down a...
  5. r32 throttle body ???

    hi there would someone be able to advise me :shrug: are there any gains to be had for running an r32 throttle body on my ibiza cupra mrk 3 ?? heard people are running them on here just wanted to no the gains really cos i can get one cheap :D oh and iam running ihi turbo aswell [B)]
  6. Body Kit Ms Designs

    I want my Arosa to look like this! Where do i get the kit from plus where do i get the MS Design Boot spoiler from??? Also what lupo GTI body kit parts fit?
  7. body kits for new leon fr facelift

    Evening All, Was thinking about a body kit for my leon fr (2010 with the new facelift). Does anyone know of there would be issues fitting the K1 to this?:confused: Cheers
  8. Zappa

    Body Kits

    Can anyone give me a breakdown or introduction to this? Like sites to look at stuff, rough price range etc.. :) As I said before, I know how to do my own maintenance etc, but car modifying with regards to new alloys, body kits etc..isnt something I have looked at. Does it sky rocket your...
  9. Sharky_82

    Throttle Body

    All Had my car (cupra) put back to standard (as had a physical chip fitted) and car was running fine apart from boosting slightly too much. It would boost to about 8-10 psi instead of 6-7. Now i know my actuator was played with so put this to the correct number of threads but car still...
  10. DannyC87

    17976 Fault Code - Throttle body or Throttle Pedal..Anyway I can test?

    Just had this fault code come up, car spluttered and died. Tried clearing the code and starting it again and it just dies straight away. Is there anyway if I can test if it is throttle pedal or throttle body related? Cheers
  11. demonear

    Can you fit mudflaps to a FL FR with body kit?

    I seem to remember that on the pre facelift model, if you had the aero kit fitted then you couldn't fit them either at the front or the back. Not sure which or if it's still the case on the new facelift model? Cheers
  12. Body Kit

    Hi Guys Has anyone fitted the Seat rear hatch spoiler and side skirts to their cars, if yes how easy was it to do and do you have any photo's as the ones on the Seat web site are not very good. Regards Greg.
  13. BTCC Body Kit

    Hi Is the BTCC body an optional extra? Is it fitted by SEAT? I've seen loads of Leons for sale with this kit on, but can't see it on the SEAT website. I'm ordering a new FR and I think this kit just makes it look really mean. How much is it? Where do I get it? Thanks Martin
  14. Body work

    Hi i have a 2003 toledo and was just wondering if anyone could tell me if i take off the door moulding would there be holes in the door or is it smooth? Simply asking as i am deciding weather to have them painted the same colour as the car or if i can take them off?
  15. Body Kit Help !!!

    hi i have an 05 seat ibiza 1.2sx and was wondering if this body kit would fit my car or does anyone know a web site where i can get a similar one from. thanks for the help
  16. jnc90

    Reccomended Welsh Body Shop needed

    Not sure if this is the right area to post but just wondering if anyone could reccomend some decent body shops who don't charge the earth in the South Wales area, Cardiff, Glamorgan etc.... Looking to get some smoothing done! Cheers guys!
  17. Help required with my leons body style

    hi people ive just bought myself a leon cupra and its been modified as far as the performance goes. It has been remapped to 225 bhp with additional things such as air filter, dump valve exhaust etc etc, im not clued up in any of these all i know is that it is very quick and responsive. my car...
  18. adam taylor

    any body De-Badge a mk 4 ibiza (6L)

    Hello just wanted to know if any body has De-Badged their mk 4 ibiza if so could you put some pics up. Cheers Adam
  19. body kit

    new bodykit from pretty cool
  20. oettinger remap

    Brought a leon cupra about 2 weeks ago the garage i brought it of said it had been remapped by oettinger engine conversion. Has any body heard of these
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