BTCC Body Kit



Is the BTCC body an optional extra? Is it fitted by SEAT? I've seen loads of Leons for sale with this kit on, but can't see it on the SEAT website. I'm ordering a new FR and I think this kit just makes it look really mean.

How much is it? Where do I get it?




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Jun 28, 2008
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I found an English website offering a BTCC body kit quite cheap but I don't know if it is any good. I'll post the link in the afternoon cause I have it in my home PC's favorites.


What I'm not keen on is getting a kit fitted to a band spanker without it being done by the manufacturer. If it's not a factory fitted option, then it's a no go really.


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Nov 21, 2007
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ive specced it up on my facelift FR 170 tdi, its due to be built in week 11 then shipped to the dealers where the kit will be fitted.
im being charged 2 grand all in including the centre exit exhaust off the K1.
i think its a fair price.
one guy on here paid about 1200 but didnt change the back bumper or the exhasut, he said heæd been quoted 1650 all in with the back bumper changed but standard exhaust and there fore he thought my 2 grand price with teh exhaust backbox was reasonable.

m1 autos were quoting me 2500 and were not interested in getting involved with the back bumper and differennt backbox!! strange. there price is dearer for less work....

so it doesnt appear youæll get a genuine kit supplied and fitted for much less than 2k. knock a little off if ya dont want the K1 centre exit....

hope this helps


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Jul 6, 2009
When speccing a BTCC (Aero) kit at the time of ordering your car the dealer fits it before PDI check and the kit is covered by the 3 year manufaturers waranty.
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