1. Cam chain-timing chain?

    Greetings, is the so called cam chain+ tensioner simply a timing chain kit or? I ordered one and not sure is that it. I got the chain and the tensioner. Whenever I type cam chain kit it gives me timing chain results instead.
  2. dog

    02/2012 1.2 TSI - 03F109158K or 03F109158G chain?

    This might be a completely dumb question, but how can I find out which chain (which revision?) I have to get for my 1.2? I checked OEMEPC for timing chain OEM numbers and 03F109158K is for engines made up to 06.11.2011 and 03F109158G is for engines made from 07.11.2011 and up. What's the...
  3. Which Hose Kit?

    So i am looking at different things to do to my leon this month as i have about £125 to play with, i did think about the Forge 007p for a while and i have more recently thought about buying a Samco / Forge hose kit for the LC. Which hose kit will be best to buy for the LC for when i have a...
  4. 1.4 8valve induction kit

    anyone got a guide or pics of how to get to the airbox?
  5. McCann87

    What Wash Kit Do I Need?

    To make my paint look like new? Got the grit gaurd bucket, lambs wool wash mitt & large drying towel, aswell as claying my car for the first time ever at the weekend, didnt realise how dirty it was! What other clothes should i be using for applying, removing polish? What polish should I...
  6. ptotham

    Inudction Kit

    I have a 2001 1.6 Leon and at the moment my K&N sits directly on top of the throttle body and I have 2 cold air feeds running from the front grill to the K&N, but it is sucking in to much heat. I need to move it over to the right hand side of the engine bay where the battery is I have found...
  7. kit

    will the cupra kit from years 00-05 fit on my 2000 leon tdi?
  8. Body Kit Ms Designs

    I want my Arosa to look like this! Where do i get the kit from plus where do i get the MS Design Boot spoiler from??? Also what lupo GTI body kit parts fit?
  9. steffers

    K&N 57i Induction Kit Question

    Hello, After compiling a shopping list for my LCR that made my bank account cry, i decided to stop thinking about modifying and keep the car as standard as possible. However the other week, while looking into the engine bay, my friend said: 'If i had this car i would be modifying it...
  10. zippyprorider

    K1 kit for leon

    Looking at buying a new shape leon, only got a quick question my 15k budget gets me a 2009 leon with 2k on the clock but will only get me a 2007 leon with the k1 bodykit, just wondering how much is the kit to buy from seat as the price for second hand fr leons diesel with the kit seem a bit...
  11. HID KIT FITMENT easy or difficult????

    hi guys i want to upgrade my lights to HID, have sween some on ebay for about £40. i have some experience of wiring complex sound systems, but thats as far as my knowledge goes. i asked my local garage and he has quoted me £60 to fit, but only if i purchase the HID kit of him for £60...
  12. PH1L NI

    Ibiza MK4 Aero Kit

    I have plenty of pictures of people who have the sideskirts and front bumper of this kit.. But nobody seems to have any photos of the rear part of the kit fitted and painted? Anyone post any here, please? :)
  13. Would you fit this kit on you cupra

    Am thinking of putting this kit on my cupra I think if this was done with all the right detailing EG, intercooler air intake and the cupra bumper moded to fit the wide arches and a nice set of wide wheels it would look like a beast. What do you guys think i no some with as NOOOOOOOOOOO your...
  14. Cupra Steve

    New Cupra (red with K1 kit)

    Ive had this car for about 3 weeks now and spent about 2 hours cleaning it this morning so thought id put a few photos on here to see what you all think..... (this is the 1st time ive tried adding photos to a link so hope it works!!!) :funk:
  15. THB Bury CC9060 Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit

    Just in case anyone can help me...... I've fitted a second-hand Bury CC9060 kit to the Bammer. It works fast and fine. Voice recognition etc. Mutes radio, instantly pairs with mobiles......... However, it doesn't download the phonebook from my Android HTC hero. (Doesn't do this from a Nokia...
  16. Connects2 ipod kit

    It states in the item description that these simply plug into the cd changer port on the rear of the head unit, Is there a cd changer port on the back of the standard H.U? im new to ibiza's :) Also would the sound quality be spot on and not like those tape things that you plug into the...
  17. fuzzy232

    HID kit for ibiza ?

    Wheres the best place to get a HID xenon kit for my ibiza and is it hard to fit a HID kit ? cheers
  18. Touch up kit

    Hi everyone Wondering if anyone else is having problems with paint round wheel arch? The paint is starting to come off from the bottom upwards of the back passenger wheel arch. The problem i'm having is where and what touch up kit to buy, i've seen so many now i dont know what to buy...
  19. jrsmooth

    Photos of rear K1 / BTCC / Aero Kit Bumper

    Hello, I have searched both this forum and google but cannot really seem to find many decent photographs. Basically I am in the process of having a new exhaust and I am undecided on which one to get. I have the K1/Aero/BTCC kit on my car. Also due to the fact some cars are all colour coded...
  20. what induction kit?

    I have a seat ibiza mk4 1.2 i want to put an induction kit on but i dont want just one of them mushroom ones that sits ontop of the engine and sucks in all the warm air, is there any other option for example a kit that comes with tubing to relocate a filter behind a grill were it will be...
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