1. martin j.

    New CUPRA Leons destined for BTCC thanks to Team HARD

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  2. Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis - For Sale on eBay

    Just for interest, there's a Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis for sale on ebay. Apparently it's a brand-new unused chassis, prep'd by Seat Sport. But is minus an engine etc. Reserve is only @ £8k, although I reckon it will go for a lot more.
  3. Oulton Park BTCC

    Guys and girls Use this link to virtually transport yourself to the Oulton Park BTCC meet Please post up on here with any thoughts suggestions and opinions. Thanks, Jamie
  4. AndrewJB

    BTCC 2010 - Rockingham

    Rockingham will be my first of the year after missing thruxton due to work Whos going? Are the BA Camping? ive got whole weekend off :funk:
  5. ZBOYD

    BTCC 2010 - Thruxton

    Qualifying just finished for tomorrow's first race. Made interesting by the rain. Shedden takes pole and leads the championship with 1 point. Honda's seem to have set the pace, but Gio got in the mix as did Jordan. Plato gambled on tyres early on and lost out, but managed to pull his Cruze...
  6. Btcc front bumper fog lights and front s grill

    Hi guys was just wondering if the front fog lights of a normal cupra will fit on the btcc front bumper, also i need to know if the 's' grill is the same on all mk2 leons cheers
  7. jrsmooth

    Photos of rear K1 / BTCC / Aero Kit Bumper

    Hello, I have searched both this forum and google but cannot really seem to find many decent photographs. Basically I am in the process of having a new exhaust and I am undecided on which one to get. I have the K1/Aero/BTCC kit on my car. Also due to the fact some cars are all colour coded...
  8. jonboy1066

    AmD BTCC Golf at Brands Hatch

    I was up at Brands today to watch the testing and AmD were there testing out their new VW Golf. It was more of a shakedown than a full blown test so no blinding lap times but the car looked great: Looking forward to seeing it on the grid.
  9. FR TDI (170) - BTCC or not BTCC??

    Morning all! I've just sold my Renault Megane Sport and we're looking to buy a Leon FR TDI (07 or newer). The Wife was keen on a Golf GT TDI but i've always loved the Leon and to be honest think you can get a much newer / lower mileage and even higher spec Leon for the same money you're...
  10. BTCC Body Kit

    Hi Is the BTCC body an optional extra? Is it fitted by SEAT? I've seen loads of Leons for sale with this kit on, but can't see it on the SEAT website. I'm ordering a new FR and I think this kit just makes it look really mean. How much is it? Where do I get it? Thanks Martin
  11. CupraLee K1

    How much for BTCC Front Bumper (K1) ?

    As the title says... How much for the BTCC Aero Front Bumper for my K1? Broke mine this evening and wondering how much it's gonna cost for a new one? Thanks Lee
  12. LEE69

    2010 BTCC Media Day

    Seen this elsewhere
  13. Has this got a BTCC bodykit??

    Hi Am looking to change from a 2003 Cupra to a 2008 Cupra. Local dealer is selling the following In the details it says it has the BTCC bodykit - is this wrong? It just looks standard to me:confused: Thanks for any help Paul
  14. WeeG

    How easy is it to fit BTCC exhaust to standard fr back bumper?

    This may sound a stupid question guys so bear with me. What i'm after is to make my car exclusive from the usual mods. I really fancied the BTCC body kit, but for 2k all in it is pretty expensive. What im wondering is if anyone knows of or how you would fit the bttc exhaust to the standard...
  15. Empi5

    Tim the Brief to drive in the 2010 BTCC

    Competition winner eh. You kept that quiet.....
  16. SeatDanny

    Seat Danny's MKII Leon BTCC 140

    Just upgraded from a 2006 1.2 ibiza! Loving my leon. 140 tdi, 2.0L Btcc Kit Pipercross Filter Red Calipers Ultimate 6000k HID Kit, LED Sidelights Cruise Control, Dual Climate Control Cupra Alu Pedals and Armrest added Black Leon sill guards
  17. Fl@pper

    Date's announced for BTCC 2010

    1, Sun 4 April, Thruxton, Hampshire 2, Sun 25 April, Rockingham, Northamptonshire 3, Sun 2 May, Brands Hatch (Grand Prix), Kent 4, Sun 6 June, Oulton Park (Island), Cheshire 5, Sun 20 June, Croft, North Yorkshire 6, Sun 8 August, Snetterton, Norfolk 7, Sun 22 August...
  18. BTCC 280bhp TDI

    Hi folks, Im not really into it, but my dad was watching the BTCC on at the weekend and i spotted familiar looking car. I found its the same 2.0TDI in the standard FR but modified to produce 280bhp. All i have been able to find out about the mods are a larger turbo & inter cooler. Has...
  19. FSiLeonMike

    Brands Hatch BTCC Finals Day, October 4th

    OK, so the season is drawing to a close again, only seems like 5 minutes since we were all on the South Bank, seeing the Cartridge World Leons, and Mr Plato in his Lacetti go into action for the first time. Who's in, and heading for the South Bank then?
  20. BTCC Side Skirts Reverse Fitted???

    Hey guys, so i've finally decided to go ahead and put on the BTCC kit on my baby FR. Its arriving here next week. I've ordered everything for the kit excluding the back bumper coz i personally don't like the look of it. However, whilst searching through forums i noticed a Silver leon with the...
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