1. markoos

    Donington BTCC

    Heres the latest on the Donny rounds in 2 weeks- Though there is a lot of conflicting reports going round,especially in the wake of legal proceedings being started.
  2. FSiLeonMike

    Vauxhall to bow out of BTCC at end of the season Wow, mixed feelings about this one. Part of me sad to see the last works team go, part of me glad to see the back of them, as they (along with a nameless other) a good at pushing people off the track
  3. Hunnie79

    Donington BTCC under threat

    Blimey - this is all a bit confusing...will it or won't it happen? Gow has said it will happen if the appropriate licences are in place and general press states that they're looking for another venue in case.....ooooo the plot thickens....could be an expensive weekend all round if they move...
  4. Empi5

    BTCC Thruxton 26/4/09

    Hopefully you have all got the thrills and spills out of the way from Brands, and its onto the next one. We intend to claim Seat Hill, early Sunday morning and look forward to seeing you all there. Those foolish enough will be camping again, and bring on the Wii Championship.
  5. ZBOYD

    BTCC 2009 is GO!! - Brands Hatch

    Race one LIVE on ITV4 now folks, race due to start at or just after 12noon. Timetable for BTCC Races. Race one 12noon (or now as the case maybe) Race two 2.25pm Race three 5.15pm
  6. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC, April 5th, Brands Hatch, Meet at Thurrock Services and convoy down

    OK Peeps Who wants to meet up at Thurrock (as we did for finals day last year), and Convoy down into Brands? Meet at Thurrock Services, around 7:30am, try and be away about 7:50am, into Brands somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30, to get a good spot on the South Bank. 1) TDiLeonMike & Black...
  7. ZBOYD

    BTCC 2009 Media Day news

    Manufacturers'/Constructors' title created An expanded ‘BTCC Manufacturers’/Constructors’ title will be up for grabs in this year’s HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship. Read more at ______ Rider, Goodman for ITV BTCC Steve Rider and Louise Goodman will present ITV’s...
  8. Empi5

    BTCC Brands Hatch 5th April 09

    Well the time has come around quick, so its time to start planning for the season. The Barmy Army have pledged another season of support and it starts at Brands, For those that are interested, we will be camping again....... Not sure if its a good idea but it will be fun finding out...
  9. ZBOYD

    Works Volvo entry joining the BTCC?

    According to Autosport anyway... JP is linked to this too.
  10. Jacking Covers on btcc kit

    Hi has any one done any mods to keep them on ive lost 2 sets in the past 6 months..... pictures would be a great help cheers :confused:
  11. m0rk

    Liam McMillan runs in BTCC 2009 Cribbed all the text incase it's pulled:) Good on him if that's true.... Let us know...
  12. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC Media day, Rockingham, March 19th

    Easy one, who's going? Meet up nearby? Convoy in?
  13. ZBOYD

    Tom Coronel may switch to BTCC this year.

    As reported by Autosport, World Touring Car race winner Tom Coronel could compete in the British championship this season if SEAT Holland decide to reduce their racing budget for 2009. Read more below.
  14. Boy

    Btcc 2009!

    The days are going quick :) The races for 2009 are as follows: Rounds 1-3 - 4 to 5 April - Brands Hatch Rounds 4-6 - 25 to 26 April - Thruxton Rounds 7-9 - 16 to 17 May - Donington Park Rounds 10-12 - 30 to 31 May - Oulton Park Rounds 13-15 - 13 to 14 June - Croft Rounds 16-18 - 01 to...
  15. SSimpson3

    My mk2 Leon with BTCC bodykit

    Heres my car, its a 2007 Leon 2.0TDI Reference Sport with BTCC bodykit, its completely standard, only due to money contraint but if i had money i would get a Remap and lowered
  16. ross p

    BTCC Knockhill

    Whats happening next year regarding the BTCC then guys? Since Seat are no longer participating:( will there still be a group down south/around scotland heading to this. Just trying to get ideas before i think about booking my tickets for it next year. Ross
  17. ZBOYD

    Ford to return to the BTCC (indy entry)

    As an independent entry at least.
  18. /dev/null

    BTCC Body Kit (North West UK)?

    I'm after getting the BTCC kit fitted to my Leon FR 2006>. The dealers quoted me £1600 for the kit fitted however it seems a bit steep to me! Does anyone know anywhere the north west UK that I might be able to get it fitted at a somewhat more affordable cost? :)
  19. BTCC BodyKit Jack covers

    Awrite Has anyone else had the same problem as me, A few months ago I checked my car at work and noticed 1 of the jack covers was missing I found it right enough but the opposite side had fell off and couldnt find it. I went to a seat dealership for the jack point got the cover for £9 with a...
  20. ZBOYD

    SEAT Sport UK call time on the BTCC

    Didn't think i'd be posting this item of news. But sadly it's official. SEAT are pulling out of the BTCC at the end of this season. Brands Hatch next weekend will be their final outing. The SCC is being pulled too...
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