1. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC at Rockingham, 20/09/09

    Well, next round is the Rock, just wondered who was going? If you have a ticket from a prevous 2009 BTCC meeting, its a £5.00 off entry voucher, so you can pay on the gate, at the online advance price, and not have to pay postage!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Empi5

    BTCC Competition - ive Won ( again )

    Entered the competition on BTCC website, using Nibbles name and I won: A Question of Motorsport, Avonvale Honda, Northampton – Saturday 29 August Congratulations on winning the chance to come and meet legendary ex-F1 champion Johnny Herbert and his Team Dynamics team-mate David Pinkney at...
  3. Jedimaster65

    BTCC front grille

    Where do the BTCC cars get their front "grille" from ? It's clearly not a grille as such, rather an aero cover for the grille area, so I wonder, does the car really need the air coming in from the std grille ? There seems plenty of air supply to the radiator on the Cupra from the lower grille...
  4. Hunnie79

    Massive news for BTCC

    Huge news coming out later this week. Bring on the big guns!:lol: Keep an eye on FMI.
  5. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC Silverstone convoy, 30/08/09

    OK, who's up for meeting up and convoying in? Services on the M1, J15A? 7:45ish?
  6. Black Fr's With BTCC Kit

    Hey Guys, i'm the proud owner of black 2008 FR, and i absolutely love the way the BTCC Kit looks. The problem is i don't think it'll do anything for the car the way it does for any of the other coloured Leons in the range :whistle: ( Especially the candy white and Red leons ). I haven't seen a...
  7. Alex 17

    Alex's mk2 leon project now - Project Candy Ibiza Fr

    Ok so some of you may remember my old 1.2 ,Did a fair but of work too it but needed too move on really :) , So here she is From this- Too this - 1.6 08 plate leon refrence sport (Stylance kit) 18 inch alloys,Full btcc kit ,Sports interior 19k miles running at 120 according too dyno =]
  8. Hunnie79

    BTCC Knockers we go. Loading already!:p
  9. ukreddevil

    btcc kit or aero kit or k1 kit

    Hi all, I am looking at which Leon to buy, I saw a 140Tdi DSG Stylance wearing a btcc kit that I really liked with the dual exhausts, but on doing some more research they are hard to find like this, I have also been looking at the fr tdi 170 which is rated better as a more efficent engine...
  10. ipd56

    BTCC Snetterton

    Who going btw i am up for both day hope to see some of you there :)
  11. leon_lib

    Btcc front bumper

    Hi guys I'm thinking of gettin a btcc front bumper iv got 57plate 1.6 reference, I don't want the Skirts or the rear bumper just the front, Do you think it would look stupid with just the front? Also my leon didn't come with front fog lights can I have them fitted? Is the wiring harness...
  12. warren_cox

    BTCC: We're at mid season without SEAT works and SCC; a nod to the past...

    Got my YRC e-mail today from Hannah (Hunnie79) that there are 4 weeks until part 2 of this years BTCC. I went down to our local round at Thruxton to see the YRC car and met a few of the SCN crowd, but haven't felt so compelled to make the journey in '09 with the lack of the SEAT works team to...
  13. Hunnie79

    Early Call on Parking - BTCC Snetterton

    Hi All Hope you're well and those of you regulars to the BTCC event are enjoying your rest! I've now confirmed parking passes (which I understand will be required this year) between the Esses and Bomb Hole for those of you interested!:D Open to all (preference is given to YRC members...
  14. BTCC Bodykit

    Just wondering if anyone can help regarding a better price for the BTCC body kit for new shape leon cupra? Been into our local dealer today and they want £1400 for front and rear bumper and the twin exhaust. We dont need the spoiler and side skirts as we've already got those fitted. Seemed a...
  15. Empi5

    BTCC Croft 14/6/09

    Well the Barmy Army is starting to make preparations for what can be described as one of the most enjoyable weekends. Traditionally the weather has been fantastic and the racing exciting. We have always camped at the Working Mens Club, but this year its in doubt due to campers attending...
  16. ZBOYD

    TOCA introduce new technical regulations for BTCC

    BTCC have today introduced their new technical regulations to take the sport forward into the future. The cars will adopt standardised durable two-litre turbo engine, with many parts standard to vastly reduce costs. Read more at -...
  17. can reverse sensers be fitted to btcc rear bumper ??

    hi there, sum1 just reversed into my fr cnt belive it !!!!!:(. I need a new rear bumper so i was thinking of getting the btcc rear bumper, but my fr has got reversin sensers r these able to fit on btcc rear bumper. can anybody help please ????
  18. Empi5

    BTCC Oulton Park 31/5/09

    Oulton will be soon here, and its an event where we usually experience every single weather season. Hopefully we can all try and meet at the Wyevale Garden Centre beforehand and then all treck in together. Anyone interested ? This was my thread last season, so no reason why we cant do...
  19. BTCC front splitter, found 1!

    Finally after a lot of searching and digging, finally got myself a genuine BTCC front splitter, exactly as the pic below: Know its going to be a bit on the low side, but just the way I like it! (unless I break it..)
  20. ipd56

    BTCC Donington

    So now we know its on who going to Donington on the 17th , need to see some flags flying high :D
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