1. Gambino97

    FR Headlights

    Hey I bought a SE TECH pack 2017 Leon estate. Great car btw 🔥🔥 looks great but would look better with the FR style front and rear headlight/break lights. I was unsure if you can fit FR lights onto an SE tech. Hope someone can help🔥👍🏽
  2. LED to HALOGEN headlight conversion

    Hello all, So new to the forum as I am looking to purchase a 2016 pre-facelift Mk3 FR with LED headlights, that is no longer under warranty. Beautiful car, very tidy, well kept, low mileage, everything as it should be............then I read this forum about the LED headlights, the...
  3. Chelesty

    Headlight Switch on 0 but low beam is on?

    Hellohello, I just got my first car, and im pretty excited about it. I was able to get it for a really good price, so it's not without its faults. One of them being, the headlight issue. On 0, the low beams are on. Turning the switch to side lights, turns the low beams off and turns on the...
  4. xChokis

    Headlight Removal and Cleaning

    Hey guys,so basically i had my headlights totally blacked out for a long time and i decided to remove them ever since with my work on the car i prefer the stock headlight look only to find out that there are some big stains on the inner lens ,so I'm guessing that means removing the front bumper...
  5. Xenon Headlight Replacement

    I have a Leon Cupra MK2 with the cornering xenon headlights. When looking at replacement LED versions on ebay etc they all say they are not compatible with factory fitted xenons. Was wondering if someone in the know could tell me why and whether there is anywhere you can get replacement LED...
  6. Hello!! Newbie to the site - can we talk Headlights please?

    Hi All , Just thought I would introduce myself . I would like to ask a question please? I have a Leon FR 2011 and the Headlights seem very misty . This is not a water ingress issue more like the plastic or lens has been scratched /pitted somehow however it seems to be inside . Is this possible...
  7. lawrieIbizaMk4

    help please with part numbers..fr honeycombe grills and headlights

    hi can anyone give me the part numbers for the ibiza FR/cupra honeycomb grills (the ones either side of the centre grill) also need part numbers for both sets of headlights for a facelift ibiza need these as i'm taking the eyebrows off my cars and theyve pretty much ruined my heads and...
  8. DJ_Eatch

    Headlight question

    Hi, If "somebody" :whistle: made the mistake of not chosing bi-xenon headlights when they ordered their car, is it possible to fit them when the car arrives? Or is it a factory fit only? if not, should i just get some LEDs instead? Cheers
  9. mk3 ibiza cupra headlights

    hey anyone know if you can take apart the mk3 ibiza cupra headlight and put them back togethere so like new :) thanks
  10. 8bit

    Headlights problem

    Hi all, Was out driving out of town after dark tonight for the first time in my LCR and noticed a problem with the headlights. On main lights dipped they seem strong enough, just like they're angled down a little too much. They light up the road nicely but the beam seems to stop pretty much...
  11. Cant find twin headlights for my 2l cordy sx

    Has anyone got an idea where to find a twin headlight conversion for my sx? Looked online but no joy. Also wanting to lower and space my standard wheels any advice on what mm to do it would be proper job!
  12. BoomhaueR

    Tint film headlights

    I've had a search but could not find anything specific. Has anyone tinted their headlights with film, like lamin-x or FlyEyes? I've seen some pics on other cars but not a mk1 Leon and I was thinking of doing mine but not sure what to get.
  13. jason-jm

    which fuse for headlights?

    my driver side HID XENON doesn't work, i've ordered bulbs but then thought It could be fuse the full beam flickers on and off, loose connection maybe. I have seen the thread with the fuse box list, but I dont understand the layout
  14. Headlights problem, need help!

    Hehe first topic :D Today I wanted to change my burned H7 bulb on my 'Beeza and i have some problems now. My father put the bulb upside down but I did'n noticed that right away. Headlight was lighting very high in the sky so I've tried to manualy lower the headlamp. I spinned that little...
  15. alex 80

    foggy headlights

    hi i have just brought a leon fr 05plate thats only covered 20k so its lead a shelted life. but since havingit i have noticed that the headlight seem to get condensation in them. have been told this is a normal problem with seats is this correct? how have people stopped this from happening...
  16. Dipped beam headlights

    Hi guys, at the weekend there i replaced my headlights bulbs with upgrade ones but they are not at the correct level. They point too much into the ground. How do i resolve this? Any help would be appreciated!
  17. Headlights problem??

    hi iv got angel front headlights and experiencing problems with the high beam & flashing..it is an intermittent fault..is this common or do you just think there is a dodgey connection somewhere?? thanks
  18. Anybody know of any good headlights( not chavy chrome tho)

    Ive been lookin at the devil eye headlights with the audi stlye led strip underneath, i think they look pretty good but they are quite expensive and can only seem to find then in LHD ?? If anyones knows of any good ones let me know :D
  19. Condensation in headlights

    I have condensation in both headlights. Been told this is a problem with Seat Ibiza's. Is there anything can be done to solve the problem that doesnt mean changing both lights? Anyone had similar problems. Its a Seat Ibiza Cupra TDi 2006. Cheers all!
  20. Aftermarket headlights

    Ive been wondering has anybody launched aftermarket headlights for the new ibiza 6j? ive been dying to get headlights with lens so i can install some xenon. i checked the dectane web site and they launched the golf VI headlights but no sign of new ibiza.
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