1. jfellows10

    Cleaning tips black car (leon fr dsg facelift 2017)

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning products for my black Leon fr exterior and interior as i want to clean it myself more often, but want to avoid swirl marks and want to keep the paint protected. Is snow foam cleaning worth doing also? And any other general cleaning tips are...
  2. HighFlyingBird

    Good sealants for orange-red Leon?

    Hi all Recently picked up a Leon FR, online the car looked red but in person it'd definitely more orange, not sure on the actual name of the colour but I've not seen any others in this colour. Anyway all my previous cars were black, so I've got a load of sealants for black cars like turtle wax...
  3. xChokis

    Headlight Removal and Cleaning

    Hey guys,so basically i had my headlights totally blacked out for a long time and i decided to remove them ever since with my work on the car i prefer the stock headlight look only to find out that there are some big stains on the inner lens ,so I'm guessing that means removing the front bumper...
  4. Teaaaph

    Best way to clean interior upholstery

    I've just inherited an old Skoda and I'm planning to use it as my daily driver. It's rough around the edges but needs a bit of TLC when it comes to the interior. I've given it a hoover and cleaned some of the plastics but the interior has a really bad mold smell which I'm convinced this is...
  5. Best Product for Cleaning up the Dashboard.

    Hi All, Would have posted this in the general detailing forum but I have never had a car with such a soft, matte dashboard as the Mk4 Ibiza, so its time to ask the experts... The fine weather has inspired me to give the inside a clean up, want to get the interior plastics looking like new...
  6. TDi_B5

    Throttle Body cleaning

    Has anyone cleaned their Arosa's throttle body? I noticed that mine looked grubby when I was replacing the air filter element and have read some stuff on cleaning them. I understand that if I remove it to clean it, I will have to get it re-aligned using vagcom, which would mean hunting down a...
  7. Sootycuprabod

    Cleaning the seats

    Hi folks,could anyone tell me the best product to clean car seats ,they have had drinks and all sorts spilt on them as its my daughters car.I have tried the usual foam types but they don't seem to do anything:shrug:
  8. Cleaning my Air Filter

    Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I couldn't find anywhere better. Basically, I've just cleaned my cone air filter and so I need to re-oil it. I was just wondering what oil people use (And where they get it)? Some people suggest WD40? I bought some K&N air filter...
  9. cleaning process please

    Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm looking to buy some cleaning products to give my lcr a really nice shine this summer. I don't want to go crazy as time is abit of an issue for me as I've got 2 kids lol. And don't want to spend a fortune either but am thinking like a good...
  10. wilky87

    Engine Cleaning

    Hey guys, basically my engine is absolutly pitted. I had a daft hour hour cleaning it up earlier, it needs a hell of alot of work which i am going to do. Big improvement after only 30 mins of cleaning with just water and wd40, cant wait till the weekend to spend a good day on it, any tips would...
  11. Graham89

    Cleaning Engine Bay

    What do you guys use to clean up the bay. At the moment mine is standard but very dusty. Want to get the thing looking like new! Well near as possible anyway..
  12. Neel-Cupra

    Cleaning Forge Twintercooler

    Hi, after the bad winter and snow etc we've had my forge twintercooler looks a bit worse for wear :blink: whats the best thing i can use to clean it and bring back that nice clean shine it had when i bought it and took it out of its box :drool: any ideas anyone??
  13. Cleaning a brand new car

    Done a search but could see anything and thought this might be handy for those picking up a new 10 plate car What would you guys recommend doing in cleaning a brand new car i.e just picked it up from the stealer - chances are they might have given it a quick go over but for a better job would...
  14. Diesel Injection / cleaning fluid??

    Hi, Recently had my MK1 Leon TDi MOT'd and the guy said it only just passed the Diesel emissions tests. He recommended putting some cleaning fluid in the tank but only do so once there is aonly a few gallons left. Can anyone recommend me any product? Do I just pour straight into the tank?
  15. Cleaning a PD TDI cylinder head - can I use wet/dry?

    Just needing to clean a new head I got and remove the old gasket seal residue and a little carbon. Will 2500 wet/dry be okay without causing any damage to the mating face? Thanks
  16. Whats the best tool for cleaning up rusty calipers/carriers

    Ive just got a set of TT calipers and carriers and they realy need a good derust before i paint them.Any idears what tool is best other than a strait edge screw driver and a wire brush.I did thing about getting them shot blasted but im worried about the piston hole .
  17. Upholstery Cleaning - Water Marks on Seats?

    God only knows how this has happened, but I appear to have what I can only believe to be water staining on my drivers seat :(. Doesn't smell of anything else (thank god!) so I figure I might have left the window open a touch by accident, or some snow melted on it, or something. anyway...
  18. johntheboy

    Cleaning Cotton Filter

    I have a green cotton panel filter in my leon (150PD) and it could do with been given a clean. I rang one place to see about a cleaning kit and they just adviced to use fairly liquid and warm water and using a clean paint brush or something similar. Does this sound about right? Apparently the...
  19. Cleaning black alloys

    Hi all, I picked up a Speed Blue Cupra a little before Christmas but the continual snow and ice since then means I've not had chance to take her out much yet. Love it so far though from pootling about! :funk: Anyway, it's got the 18" Pavonis black alloys, and wanted a bit of advice from...
  20. JamJay

    Cleaning A Freshly Painted Car

    Fingers crossed and all being well, I should have my car back by the weekend, all lovely and resprayed. Obviously I won't be using any abrasives for a couple of months like polish, glaze or cleaner wax but what can I do to keep the car clean and protected? Can I wet wash as normal, any...
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