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£600 Mk3 Ibiza Cupra


Took this in part exchange for the equivalent value of £1000 against my mint MR2 Turbo, then got the number plate valued at £400. Alas here is my £600 Cupra!

Very impressed with it, never intended on keeping it... I've now had her around 6 Months..flew through its MOT last week, pulls away from Type-R's, nice to drive, handles well, strong engine, better on fuel than i was expecting. All round winner.

I haven't done anything to it myself apart from give it a polish, service and removed the hideous stickers that covered the entire rear and rear side windows!


1.8 20v Turbo

Turbodynamics Hybrid turbo
Scorpian Cat back exhaust with 3" custom down pipe (modded to fit)
Front mount intercooler
Forge 007P recirculation valve
CBD carbon enclosed intake
Audi S3 MAF
G60 Flywheel
VR6 Clutch
Leon Cupra R fuel pump
Leon Cupra R Injectors
Silicon Blue vac hoses
N249 valve by-pass/N112 valve deleted
Stage 3 westec performance remap

Standard suspension
Drilled discs with brembo pads front and back

Leon Cupra R Splitter
6000k HID main beam & white LED sidelights
Pressed metal personalised number plate
Standard wheels dipped and painted in black
Tinted rear windows. Sides and Back.

Nomad triple pod pillar
Autogauge Boost, Oil temp, Oil press

Here's a few snaps...

hmmmmm okay no snaps i need to make 15 posts first apparently...1...


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Dec 9, 2003
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Because its got a 400 quid plate on it doesn't really make it a 600 quid Cupra lol. If you sold the plate for that then that would see you at 600quid.

Get commenting on other readers ride and seat pictures threads and your soon have 15 posts.


Yeah, I'm going to sell it. Means nothing to me..anyone on here with the name of Morgan? they might want it ha. It's M333ORG. I'll get posting and get some photos up!


Think i'll keep it for a while..impressive little car for 3 times the money!


Quick 15 posts done!

Needs a bit of tidying up and a bit of colour i think!



hybrid turbo on a standard TIP?
No idea! Like i say i don't know much about it. I just took it in P/X as a run around, that spec is what i have receipts for and i confirmed it with the garage that done it.

To be honest i wouldn't be bothered if half of it wasn't on there for what i got it for, this is kinda why i'm on here, would quite like to meet someone near me who knows a lot about them who could give it a look over!


Cheers everyone! I'm still liking it after 6 months so i think i'll keep it for a while! i'm a bit of a nightmare with cars..had 17 in 8 years of driving :/ need to do a few things to tidy it up but all in all it's pretty clean.


have you sorted the clutch issue you said it had when advertised on piston heads ?
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