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I am considering buying a 1.0 S as my first car near me for £2400. Its a 52plate and only done 46k miles but it needs its service. Are there any common problems around this mileage that may cost me in the future when i get it serviced? When should have it been serviced? Any thought or comments?

I am only a student and i cant afford to replace anything thats gunna cost more than £200 at its service so i want to make sure i am getting a good buy.



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Jul 29, 2006
It should have been service one a year or every 10k - whichever it hit first, so you'd be looking at it having about 4 minimum (by mileage) or 6 minimum (by years).

Also at that mileage it's cambelt change time, as it was brought forward from 60k to 40k by SEAT. At the same time you should have the water pump changed to a new one with metal impeller blades as the old plastic ones can break. So either get the garage to do this, or use it as a tool to get some money off - get some quotes from local garages to see how much you'd have to pay.

cardiff arosa

hi have a look under the for sale section on this site. there's a nice arosa tdi even better!
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