07 Seat Altea 2.0 TDI 140 BKD idle issues coming off throttle back to idle. Runs rough as if it's off a cylinder/going to stall then levels out again.

Jul 25, 2020
Hi all,

I have a 2007 Altea 2.0TDI 140 BKD (EGR but no DPF from factory) with 77,500 miles which I've owned for over three years now with a couple of annoying issues. It starts and runs perfectly when cold (little puff of blue smoke from exhaust initially then clears).

The engine runs great and pulls without hesitation. It's actually a joy to drive. The problem is (intermittently) when slowing down to idle the engine runs rough for a few seconds then smooths out back to a nice idle. It never stalls but sounds like it might. I feel like it's an off a cylinder/lack of fuel type issue as apposed to a bad flywheel.

The other issue happens once she warms up and is switched off. It takes a few seconds of cranking before it fires up again.

I have spent hours reading several forums about the judder and hot start problem. I made a list off the many things that could cause these issues and to be honest it has put me off diesels for life!!

If someone could kindly point me in the right direction of where to start (most common causes) I would be so appreciative as I am literally overwhelmed with the amount of things it could be. I have a cheapo diagnostic reader and I have zero fault codes relating to these issues. I have an airbag light on and a fault code buts it's the wiring under the seat which I can sort easily :)

Hot start issue possible causes (notes made from reading a lot)

Battery out of spec - can't crank quick enough to initiate fuel delivery
Starter motor worn - same as above
Coolant sensor - faulty readings to ecu causing lack of fuel delivery
CPS sensor - as above
Injector seals - air/leak?

Judder - (I don't feel like its a clutch/flywheel issue)

Check fuel filter for oil contamination – indicates faulty tandem pump or injector seals?
Injector harness - degraded
Anti shudder valve
Cam timing - I must say the engine has had this problem from the day I bought it but it was nowhere near as bad as now.
Injector seals
Tandem pump
Lift pump

Other notes

Clutch/pressure plate starting to go - I am going to have these replaced in the near future. Still drives fine at the moment.
Timing belt & water pump need replaced - I have no history of it being replaced so will have this done with the clutch work.

Main reason for posting - the vehicle isn't worth much now but it's a fantastic car that we want to keep on the road for as long as we can (family car).
I'm hesitant to take it to a local mechanic. I read about so many rip off merchants/incompetent mechanics and horror stories about guys who throw parts at the car until it works then give you a bill worth more than the car. I'm a mechanic (not motor) so i'd rather do what I can myself to get the car back to good running order. I will certainly pay for anything requiring a ramp/specialized tools once I find a reputable local specialist in Northern Ireland.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 14, 2007
I changed the Coolant sensor on my car and that has made to hot start issue better not a 100% fix but much better.
Maybe you need to find a local forum member who has a copy of VCDS who can check your car over.


2007 Altea XL 2.0 TDI Stylance
Mar 31, 2010
Hi, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Altea, touch wood at 70k I dont think you will have any serious problems. My 1st Altea had clutch judder for years and got to 130k before I realised the head was pourus. The symptoms for this were hiccuping, high fuel consumption, white smoke when booting it and finally dripping diesel from the manifold. So I bought a 90k 2007 XL changed the oil and all the filters, including the fuel filter that was black with oil. It's the 140 bkd, engine which, like yours, was trying to stall when idling in traffic, I think I have cured this by servicing and booting it once a month.
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