1M1 engine 1.9TDi oil lamp flashing 5 times


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Jan 19, 2021
EDIT: sorry, I accidently posted this to the Ibiza mk1 forum, should of been Leon mk1.

Hello, I have checked around the webs and tried some troubleshooting so far without any luck. Other problems ive solved had a solution here thought I would sign up and ask .

On key in and ignition on I get a yellow warning lamp with the oil can flash 5 times then goes off, matters not if its just ignition or start the car, lamp flashes 5 times the same.

Lamp goes out after flashing.

What ive tried so far is change the pressure switch located on the oil filter housing at the bottom
Ensure my bonnet micro switch is working properly
There is no level sensor on the sump (place for it but blanked off)

Its more annoying than anything and seen as I am trying to fix a few other annoying issues gonna give this another look.

Thanks for any help
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