2.0tdi cr140 acceleration judder/jerking issue


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Hi guys, been struggling for a few months now with a problem with my car. When I want to accelerate, overtake or go up a steep hill the car judders and jerks, and if the jerk lasts for long enough the car goes into limp mode and glow plug light begins to flash on the dash. This is extremely annoying when you want to pull away from a junction and feels like the car is cutting the boost or fuel, like driving with a car full of kangaroo juice. If you drive at a steady speed then there is no issues with the car, just when you want power. It only really occurs under 2000rpm. If you rev out the gears steadily and change gears like a granny, then nothing occurs. If the car does go into limp mode, a quick restart of the car clears limp mode and will drive okay till the next time you try accelerate away.

So far I have changed:
New air filter
Turbo intake pipe, incase it was cracked.
Replaced the crankshaft position sensor with a new genuine part.

I don’t have my own diagnostic equipment or VCDS to scan the car at home, but is booked into the garage for a look over.

This has been going on for months now and I’m hoping someone can relate to my problem so I don’t chase my tail replacing all boost sensors, injectors etc for the sake of it being potentially just one part.

Sorry I can’t help more with the diagnostic side of things with codes or photos. Will have more info shortly in regards to this after it’s been into the garage.


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Jul 7, 2015
Has it got a dpf fitted? My CR170 had a clogged dpf and did just that. Cause it couldn't get enough air out the exhaust through the dpf, it'd jerk and lose power. Was horrible.
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