Advice welcome - FR Sport or Xcellence

Oct 26, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I currently drive a VW Golf GTD (2018) DSG which I'm happy with. It is a company car which is up for renewal soon. To keep tax to a sensible level I need to get a plug in hybrid vehicle - I'm not ready for full electric yet. I enjoy driving hatches, and the golf is a great mix of performance, handling, economy, practicality and tech. I have test driven the BMW 330e - lovely car, but quite pricey and I need to save money at the moment. I also test drove the A250e Mercedes - and I was massively disappointed. It looks great in and out but was terrible to drive in terms of the PHEV aspects but also the ride, acceleration, handling, engine noise, road noise - arrggh. The golf is a much better car (in my opinion).

Anyway, on to my main point.... I am content to order a Leon PHEV based on similarities with the golf (I cant test drive the Leon sadly) and a better looking car actually in my opinion an d I would like a change. I don't need the extra bhp the Golf GTE offers. 204 is enough! I am undecided between Xcellence and FR Sport trims - I'd also add the medium pack so I can adaptive cruise (the golf has it and I love it for long journeys). The thing preventing me from getting the FR Sport is worry that the ride is too harsh and there will be too much road noise. If its excessive, I'd get the Xcellence instead -but the FR Sport looks great lol. Its a good dilemma to have! I'd welcome any views from anyone who has driven either of these trims and can compare to any other cars out there!

Thanks for reading and any advice! Looking forward to joining the Leon club soon!



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Sep 29, 2020
In my first edition(with sports suspension and DCC) there's some road noise especially at 70mph and it's really noticeable on concrete road. I haven't driven one without sports suspension but most of the reviews I've seen have mentioned road noise.

I think it depends on how good your hearing is😂

Have you looked at a first edition, you get DCC (adaptive damping), reversing camera and driving pack XL, it seems to be almost the same as a fr sport except electrically adjustable seats.
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