Aero Wiper Modification MK1 Leon


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Aero Wiper Modification MK1 Leon - A popular mod to upgrade the wipers on the MK1 Leon

This guide was written by @Pabs

This modification came about when I realised how badly the standard wipers on the Leon were. Not only do they look ugly, but they also tend to leave huge smears across the windscreen, which impairs visibility. My passenger wiper did nothing but smear, no matter how many times I changed the blade itself. So I decided to give this modification a try.

First thoughts were regarding the price of the parts to complete this. The standard...

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Mar 2, 2016
The guide does work, you have to be logged in to view it which is a slight PITA.

I've been using Bosch Aero blades on my Leon for a few years. I went with the cheaper option of getting the retro fit blades. They don't look as good as when you replace the wiper arms but it's a lot cheaper. They do work a lot better than the normal style and make driving on the motorway much easier.

Upgraded my rear wiper to an aero style arm a couple of months ago. But because of lock down I haven't driven it in the rain yet.
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Jun 4, 2008
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I don't mind logging in to make use of anything in this forum, it sort of makes a lot of sense.

My wife's 2002 Polo came with an "very old school" rear wiper from new, that was one of the first things I changed to the official aero arm, blade and cap.
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