Aircon always on at 22 deg and displayed air temperature is wrong (too low)


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Jan 10, 2018
Seat Cordoba 1.6 .cool S (2000) Still running great mechanically but for years has had that well-known issue of the radio coming on by itself, requiring me to remove the blue fuse when the car was not is use, as a precaution.

In recent months, (with the fuse in) the air con started firing up by itself, always at a default setting on 'AUTO' and 22 degrees temp setting. Now, it's not just firing up now and again but is permanently on AUTO 22 deg and the air con controls don't do anything.

I can live with it like this, but the fact it's always at AUTO 22 deg suggest to me this is a failsafe setting and that the climate control unit has quite cleverly reverted to a one-size-fits all setting so that the temp in the car remains comfortable whatever the weather is.

Then in addition, the air temp displayed on the LCD screen is always too low, by about 8 degrees. E.g. its was +5 deg C according to my phone today and the display said -3 deg.

The 2 things are probably related I guess? Is there a simple fix that might resolve this?
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