Alex's ovni yellow k03s Take 2!!!

Aug 8, 2010
Well to cut a long story short I've bought my old ibiza back! Updated the thread to current spec and added some new photos! Hoping to get it back up to my standard but loving havin it back!!

latest picture!


current spec


green filters cone filter
Creation Motorsport turbo intake pipe
k03s turbo
forge 007p with green spring
revo stage 2
scorpion cat back
De-catted down pipe
Toyo sport front mount with mikalor clamps
polished charge pipe
polished inlet manifold (in progress)
leon fuse box
n249 by-bassed and removed
de-cat down pipe (to be fitted)
4 bar FPR (will fit when going stage 2!)


AP racing coilovers
H&R 20mm rear hubcentric spacers
seat sport front upper strut brace
312mm brake upgrade
nuespeed 28mm rear anti roll bar set to medium
Badger 5 ARB adapters
omp rear upper strut brace
omp front lower strut brace (to be fitted)


standard cupra half leather trim with grey seat inserts
nomad A pillar with single gauge pod
autometers phantom boost guage (glows red to match dials)
all door speakers upgraded to pioneer


ibiza cupra R seat sport OZ super Ts
debadged at the rear
aero wipers (had to swap to normal style ones temporarily)
Mk5 golf rear wiper
6000k HIDs
white sidelight bulbs
forge motorsport sticker on boot lid
windows tinted all round (not sure what percentage , done by a previous owner) stickers on both rear windows[B)]
team heko wind deflectors
LCR splitter
private plate

first picture from when i got it

the old 6n2 gti

edited post to include current spec etc
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Aug 8, 2010
car had developed a slight boost leak a week or so again which i found to be on the vac hose for the boost guage right where it meets the T piece so sorted that thanks to my mate who has plenty spare vac/boost/any other silicone hose for his mk3 astra gsi-turbo:lol: decided it would be a good idea to check all the hoses for any further leaks and found another leak on the hose off the dv so replaced that aswell and car is back to normal:D not long till pay day so will be spending more on the car. anywhere know where to get the seat sport strut braces from?? fancy replacing mine as its looking a bit tired to be honest!!
Aug 8, 2010
might take it off n get it powdercoated to be honest?? will get prices n see what works out cheapest:p been looking at rear spacers not sure what size to go for?? 20 or 25?? 20 will probably be a safer bet but dont want to pay for them for the wheels to still be tucked away in the arches


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Sep 11, 2005
Dreghorn, Scotland
might take it off n get it powdercoated to be honest?? will get prices n see what works out cheapest:p been looking at rear spacers not sure what size to go for?? 20 or 25?? 20 will probably be a safer bet but dont want to pay for them for the wheels to still be tucked away in the arches

I paid £15 to get mine powdercoated
Aug 8, 2010
where was that from? goin to get in touch with chameleon n see how much theyd want for it cos theyre work is top notch. failing that got a few wee ideas of how i want it to look. can feel a slight clunk when steering looks like some humped bushes so going to be going for polybushes i think:D


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Apr 19, 2010
Woking, Surrey
I paid £15 to get mine powdercoated

I was sure powder coating was to do with creatig some kind of current through the material you're painting in order to get the paint to attach itself for a long lasting effect, if this is the case then you wouldn't be able to powder coat plastic as you wouldn't be able to put current through it....
Aug 8, 2010
not updated this in ages but starting to make slow progress so thought id try n catch up.

first of all got the car detailed off my mate came up brilliant. just a once over with a polisher using dodo and zaino products to polish/seal/wax etc





not done much other than sort a wee boost leak out by replacing the vacuum hose for the boost guage.
also took my door cards off n found out the standard speakers have been upgraded to pioneer at some point, thought they sounded good for standard:lol:
stuck a forge sticker on the back aswell

ordered myself vucuum hose for the n249 bypass but not got round to doing it yet
also got 6000k HIDs in on wednesday n connected them up to find a ballast wasnt working so need to wait to get the new one through the post n should be able to see where im going at night.

plans now are 28mm anti roll bar off the rents for christmas
ap coilovers
get the N249 done
HIDs in
white sidelights that i have lying around somewhere
LCR splitter (anyone know the part NO. off hand so i can order it in work??)
new interior door handles
better discs/pads and braided lines
then front mount:)

hoping to get all that done by feb, need the money first but:lol:
insurance is up at the end of this month aswell so need to shop around again n see where is cheapest:doh:
Aug 8, 2010

600k HIDs fitted, not a great pic cos its light but they make some difference in the dark, not much difference to the xenons in my polo [B)]


you have any idea of what kind of bhp it produces with a just a forge 007p and a revo stage 1??
Aug 8, 2010
Revo site says stage 1 map should see 205 bhp if i remember right but think with the dynatwist, cay back n 007p it feels at least 200 wasnt beaten as nad as i expected from a friends 300bhp scooby n my mates 250 bhp mk5 gti cant shake me untill higher speeds. Cant say for sure but goin by other peoplss RR results id say about 200 seems reasonable?
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