Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush Recommendations

Oliver Pawley

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Mar 9, 2019
I've got a generic set of wheel brushes from online, they do a good job but do leave some micro scratches (gloss blacks wheels) easily buff out but it's too tedious to do after each wash.

I have the brushes from autobrite direct and they do a good job but same again with scratches.

Personally I'd go for a set which are like a soft microfiber - wheel woollies seem to get a good rating but I'm sure anything like them will do a good job

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Apr 25, 2019
I use Autoglym High Tec brush for years now and still good as new. Used the wire wrapped ones but found they scratched wheels on a previous car.
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May 10, 2019
To be honest there isnt much you can do about fine scratches on black wheels. Its a bad idea really to paint anything black that gets coated by deliberately highly abrasive dust.

Genuine wheel woolies are good, had mine 10 years. Now have a Gyeon wheel brush. Neither are cheap though.
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Apr 9, 2020
I bought a micro fibre wheel brush from Halfords as a try. Great concept and worked well until the brush started to come away from the handle.

had wheel wollies before that and eventually ended up with a similar problem


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May 9, 2020
I use a meguirs one from halfords..... Works really well and better than the wire ones....
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