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Angel eyes for RHD



I was looking for some angel eyes headlights for my leon and I started getting the impression that all the results show lights for right hand drive cars (including this forum) ...does anyone know where angel eyes headlight kits for left hand drive cars are sold (online) ?
i drive a 2002 Leon 1.6L (yea i know most of you here have cupras but I'm desperate for an answer :blink: )
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ok my bad, I need the LEFT hand drive kit , not the RIGHT hand drive ...sorry :p

fixed main post :)


no i'm not , i'm pretty far actually ...Asia far :)
I just got my car a couple of weeks back (my first car) and after some googling I've landed in this forum and got all excited from the stuff ppl here do so I decided to do something as well, starting with an angel eyes kit ...the problem is that they are very expensive locally (~ 420 euros) so I'm better off getting them online (even with shipping charges) so i tried searching but there are too many models and makers and i kind of got lost ..so i trying to get some help here...

* searching German ebay is a problem since i don't speak/understand German ...any other ideas ?

btw we have the same car colour :D
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