1. Xenon HID on angel eyes?

    Can I use an HID kit on angel eyes? I remember I have a decal "HID not allowed" on the headlights and I remember a pic of angel eyes melted somewhere on the board but at the same time I've seen an mk2 with angel eyes and HID here so...can I use them? Searching I've found a kit that seems well...
  2. Fien

    HID bulbs and Angel Eyes fitting

    Just bought myself a set of H7 HID conversion kit and thought i'd get around to fitting them today. everything was going well until i tried to fit the bulbs which dont fit!! :confused: from looking on here it now seems that this is a common thing and i'll have to drill the fitting holes. this...
  3. Yorkshire Bob

    Angel Tuning Yey or nay?

    I've been looking into getting my 1.9 SE TDI 110 remapped, it isn't cheap as we all know but these guys reckon they'll do it for £250.00 plus £60.00 for an air filter, they don't do the rolling road and read out, are they any good? Has anyone been to them? Please help. Cheers, Bob.
  4. angel eyes help

    i have got black angel eyes on my 1998 cordy took it for mot yesterday and it failed coz beam was facing oncoming traffic tester said they were lhd aka euro lights is there neway of converting them to rhd as cant afford to buy orignal lights and indicators unless sum 1 wants to swap lol
  5. Angel Eye type lamps

    Does anyone out there know if you can fit the angle type lamps to the Toledo Mk3, just wondering as I have always been a fan. Or maybe even the Audi style LED lamps? Any idea's would be great!!!!:D
  6. Leon HID 6000k and Angel eyes problem??

    I have just aquired a car with angel eyes and hids. why could it be that dip beam is so crap?? i thought these were supposed to be real bright? full beam is fine! Pls HELP!
  7. noddyFR

    Angel tunning remap leon MK2

    I finally bit the bullet yesterday and had my Leon (57) FR 170 remapped at Angel tunning at Troon, The guy Paul Winston is a really good guy and will give you a fair price. He states that my Leon has went from 170 to 204 BHP and the torque from 258lb/ft to 326 lb/ft. The car pulls all way...
  8. Angel eyes for RHD

    Hey I was looking for some angel eyes headlights for my leon and I started getting the impression that all the results show lights for right hand drive cars (including this forum) ...does anyone know where angel eyes headlight kits for left hand drive cars are sold (online) ? i drive a 2002...
  9. nuts

    Angel eye lights

    Anyone got some of these? What are they like?
  10. Joe K

    Angel lights or HID Kit ?

    Hi Peeps After looking at that little bit of extra cash burning that big hole I was try to decide between angel lights or HID kit . After alot of wondering the pros and cons which im not sure thought would be best to get some opinons ... Cheers Joe
  11. Angel eyes... QUESTION

    With Angel eyes, can you take the rings out and just have the projector? Has anyone done this? I know that the rings act as a sidelight.
  12. envycordoba

    mk2 ibiza angel eyes

    hi im after some angel eyes cant find any anywhere does anybody wanna sell some as i'll buy cheers guys;)
  13. Angel tuning remap ?

    Hi I have a Ibiza tdi sport 130. Want a remap there’s so much on offer but this company stands out as it’s the only one to do acceleration runs , the figures are impressive around 7.2 sec 0-60 from around 8.4 standard? Has...
  14. angel eye question

    hello, the standard 3v t-shape bulbs for the 4 -HALO RINGS- on angel eyes aren't one bit visible in the daytime so ive been looking around but i cant seem to find SKY BLUE AND BRIGHT replacement bulbs for it but i know they are avalible because a few people have them does any body here have...
  15. hid's in angel eyes

    just to clear something up i have read on here is that alot of people are saying you cannot fit hid's into angel eyes on a leon mk1 without modifying the angel eyes well just to clear that up i have fitted them into my angel eyes without any messing around what so every it took me around 10 mins...
  16. Ibiza MK2 Angel eyes....

    Does anyone know how to convert the Left hand drive angel eyes to right hand?
  17. angel tuning ???????

    im thinking of a remap I know performance torque is pretty famous on this site however angle tuning have some pretty impressive figures 0-60 on a remapped 130 Ibiza around 7.2 sec Has anybody used them? they even come out to you all for £275. I don’t see why other...
  18. Angel headlights

    :cry:NEED HELP the halo rings on the drivers side are not coming on need help in what the problem is
  19. Hard Wiring Road Angel

    Hi, Has anyone hard wired a road angel into a Leon ?? I don't like the cable being on show and find the position of the cigarette lighter not the best for having something plugged in that sits on the dash. I don't want to start randomly pulling at bits of the dash and console etc as its...
  20. mikey_b

    Angel eye lights

    Just wanted know whats the diffrence between the eu and uk angel lights for the mk1 leon...
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