1. Help needed with Angel Eyes

    Hi Peeps, :help: Done loads of searching on the forums but can't find any guides to fitting some Angel Eyes to my Leon, just bought the silver ones but there is not instructions or anything. Has anyone done this before, is it easy or a nightmare. I've got an 05 Leon Cupra Diesel and I...
  2. Leon Angel Eye Light set on Ebay - anyone bought these?

    Just spotted these on Ebay and wondered if anyone had invested in a set and if so what they are like and whether they think they are worth £150+ :help:
  3. SoLiDSnK

    What do you think of this angel eyes mod?

    I was looking for something different and very cool for my angel eyes and I got EVO EYES from a friend at Mexico. I just have one good pic for now, but when I install the front bumper I'll shoot more pics :). I hope you like!!! This is just the evo eyes turned on.. it's a white brilliant neon...
  4. The MoffMeister

    Angel Eyes!!

    No the title is not on about me.. :confused: i have been looking at getting some angel eyes for my car and am seeing if anyone on here has had any good/ bad experiences with them and what company they found best to supply them and the best costs. [B)] many thanx:D
  5. Yaboy

    Angel Lights...

    I was just on ebay and I saw these lights do you think i should buy them also are depo lights any good check these out...
  6. Angel eye's

    Ok guys. i did a search before making this thrad... and found ntohing on the matter.... so... i have prefacelift Ibiza (95 GTi)... and well... i have found a set of angel eye's that i like for sale on ebay... but it says, 96-99. so during the face lift did all the mounting points...
  7. where do u get angel eye head lights from???

    where do u get angel eye head lights from. got to be from a uk stocker. cheaper the better ;) its a mk2 95
  8. nickibizaCUPRA

    angel eye projector headlamps

    hello, could anyone tell me if a company does projector angel eye headlamps for the mk 4 ibiza??? my headlights are poo and really wanna get some. i have seen them for the leon but not the ibiza! thanks in advance.
  9. Road Angel Wired To Interior Light help

    Just hard wired my Road Angel 2 into the interior light, it works a treat, ran the cable straight up the A Pillar into the roof liner and into the light unit Only problem i have is when i turn the engine off and lock the car the road angel stays on Any ideas, i wanted to wire it to the...
  10. Forbez

    Road Angel Compact vs New Road Angel

    I am looking into getting a camera detector in the near future, and am undecided, as far as i've read, the road angel seems to get a damn good write up, in all reviews. But im a little confused as to which one to go for, whether to go for the compact or the new road angel, apart from the...
  11. Scotty_b

    Black angel eyes Now don’t flame me for posting this saying its chav etc. Someone wanted them in black but i cant remember who it was so im posting this up as info only, no opinions needed
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