1. daboy3000

    Angel Eyes

    I am undecided with the side lights. I'm thinking of removing the bulbs or cutting the wire so that when they are on just the angel eyes glow. Thing is i'm not sure if they will be bright enough. As i'm currently powering the normal side lights aswell, will this be taking away some power and...

    Pics of black angel eyes on a black Leon

    ... or any colour for that matter please :) tried searching but cannot find any/many black cupras with angels! cheers :happy:
  3. danny20vt

    Angel eyes + H.I.D's???

    just spotted some angel eye headlights on Ebay, black obviously, and wondered if they would be O.K. with the H.I.D's i'm currently running?? or is it a case of one or the other??
  4. where can i buy black angel eyes from that'll fit 1999 model?

    hi all, does anybody know where i can buy pair of black angel eyes from that will fit my 1999 model ibiza, or anyone here selling a pair? thanks in advance
  5. Angel eyes

    OK i am after a bit of help.......i have bought a set of angel eyes for my gti and have just looked at the fitting instructions......Does anyone have any further info on the wiring of these....I cant quite understand what the instructions are telling me to do....Any help would be greatly...
  6. AdamRoutley

    just spotted these - Angel eyes

    LINKY noticed that the rings were LEDs aswell..anybody had any experience with these? and would they be for left hand drive considering they're from ze germans?
  7. Razor

    Angel Eyes

    Has anyone have these fitted to their mk3's ? If so where did u get them from and how much Thanks
  8. For people with angel eyes

    I just installed my angel eyes, just a question. There is a rubber garnish on the external side of each headlight that doesn't seem to fit that well and it doesn't seem to be pasted that good to headlight. Do you know if it is supposed to be removed from the headlight before installation or not?
  9. Angel eyes fitment?

    Hi,Want to fit angel eyes to my oem headlights.What should be the angel eyes dimension.I've founded some custom/aftermarket angel eyes pictures.But i don't know what is the halo rings dimensions for fitting it.Here is some pics. Thanks....
  10. killer205

    angel eye lights

    dose any one know where to get a set of black/smoked angel eye lights from for the ibiza 1998 2.0 16v all i can find is the chrome i can not find the smoked ones any where cheers
  11. jattjoka01

    STYLING Angel lights and eyebrows!

    Does anyone know whwre to get if in existance ANGEL LIGHTS for the beeza mk3 cupra? and light eyebrows!? would be a quick and effective mod if anyone knows!! thnx!! :lol::lol:[B)][B)][B)][B)]
  12. John-Cupra_TDI

    Road Angel Navigator 9000 or Snooper S2000 Syrius Proline

    Was thinking about buying a Road angel navigator 9000 or a Snooper S2000 Syrius Proline. Not sure which one to get, so was looking for opinions on these form anybody who has either got one or has used one? Cheers John
  13. binkylad

    angel eyes

    hello, just wondering does anybody know of a company that sells angel eyes headlights for the mk4 ibiza? dont really want to put universal angel eyes in because it would mean splitting the lense of the headlight and dont really want the hastle. cheers.
  14. Black 1M Toledo (Angel Eyes, Black/Red Theme-ed) *Update*

    I'm just continuing my Project/Work log here. So to say, I really like modding the little bits! "A Seat Toledo, (Black) Non-facelifted Model, and I think it's year 2003. My dad bought the car for me to use my daily college journey. With 110,000km on the mileage, I think it got alot of things...
  15. LEE69

    MY01 Leon Cupra now with CCFL angel eyes 2 1/2" dp-200cell cat and one box

    Mods to date map query W8 light installed 8 k hids fitted Quickshift pin fitted SMD Sidelights fitted Type R aerial fitted Standard backbox fitted Debadged front grille C2 aerial fitted Nomad Pillar pod and scangauge fitted Tailored shades fitted Start of the angel eyes conversion Angel eyes...
  16. i search for angel eyes can someone help?

    hello i am new here....:clap::clap::clap: my car is seat ibiza 1.8t 2002 (i live in israel soo it just like 2001) i have every think in my car!!! gs2876 haltek e8 scat rod bering race intek manifold atp manifold and more and more in 1.3bar i get 352HP!! in 2.0bar i shold get 460+-...
  17. Cupra Remapped by Angel Tuning

    Guys, Bit the bullet today and got my local Angel Tuning Dealer to remap my cupra. Well, I was a bit sceptical as we all play with the more well known tuners here such as Revo and CC. I had no reason to be. The guy who runs the local branch in Troon, Ayrshire was very much a clued up...
  18. Angel Tuning

    Has anybody on here had any dealings with Angel Tuning. I spoke with the guy who runs the workshop in Scotland. He seems a very knowledgeable guy. Any opinions?
  19. Matty.

    i found angel eyes...

    or they look like angel eyes anyway could it be a possibility? :clap:
  20. ei2gfb

    leon angel headlights

    hi was just wondering what you reckon to these will they suit the car and are they hard to fit
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