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Angel eyes


OK i am after a bit of help.......i have bought a set of angel eyes for my gti and have just looked at the fitting instructions......Does anyone have any further info on the wiring of these....I cant quite understand what the instructions are telling me to do....Any help would be greatly appreciated...my lights came from abc designs.....


Belgian Beer
Jan 10, 2009
Belgium (Liège)
So, you have 2 wires per ring and 2 wires per LED (the LED are on the cooler grill side, 3 per headlight), the wires are white and black if i remember well.

On the headlight connector, you have 2 wires without nothing wired on, black and white too...

It's easy, you just have to wire what you want on the connector respecting the colors...

Example, if you only want the rings without de LED (as i do on mines), you only wire the 4 rings :)

Sorry for my poor belgian English :D do you understand what i mean?


I think i understand what you mean....will have to go and have a look at it when i get a minute.....its in the paintshop at the moment......the joys of buying a written off car.....Thanks for the reply
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