Anyone running Forge Spacers?


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Dec 6, 2004
Northwich, Cheshire
I've been thinking of getting some wheel spacers for my Leon FR+ which has Eibach Sportline Springs fitted. I was going for H&R (10mm Front & 15mm Rear) but then I spotted this Forge Kit at Awesome GTI which works out quite a bit cheaper.

The only issue is they don't come in the same sizes as the H&R ones, the closest they do is 11mm Front and 16mm Rear and wondering they will be OK as I want an OEM+ look. Has anyone got these?


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May 16, 2005
Depends on the wheels that you're running but 11 up front and 16 on the rear shouldn't be an issue.



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Jan 6, 2016
Cavan, Ireland
Is that 10mm per side so 20mm on the front and 15x2 on the back. I'm going to be running 18 Seat sport 18 which I'm going to repaint in goldish. I just want to be sure if it's 10mm/15mm or actually 20mm/30mm per axel. Don't want to order the wrong ones. Thanks and yes my other car had gold wheel's (Type RA) for those who know
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