Ateca VWFS PCH return


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Apr 9, 2014
Hi all,

Currently driving a '19 plate Ateca SE Technology 1.5 TSI manual due back to VWFS late July. Unfortunately I have a dent on one of the rear door sills and I'm wondering whether to get it repaired or just leave it and pay a charge, anyone know what VWFS charge for dents like this or whether they're "acceptable"?

Also got a hefty scratch on the same door opening. Child seat, don't ask! Again, stuck whether to just hand it back like this or get it repaired??




I called Seat Financial Services today and asked how late I could give the car back without MOT'ing it and was surprised to hear - 48hrs, which works for me, waiting for a Formentor due in July so fingers crossed!


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I was impressed with my local Seat dealer that split proper Seat repairs and non Seat local body shop repairs. Got all my urban ones sorted out in one swoop once I'd moved to the countryside (been saving them up after the first full price Seat one, once I moved... thought OK vandalise the car but I'm not repairing it for London / Essex knock about). About half price of Seat authorised body shop repairs. They have all stayed good and I've not noticed anything.

If you got a nice Seat dealer they might direct you to a body shop that isn't a Seat one. Can do a cost comparison.
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