Bristol Meet


Just drove past this, picked my Mk2 Cupra R up at 6pm at Wessex Garages near Cabot Circus.

Maybe next month!

Tom Dunkerton

Hey guys,

I have a Leon Cupra R in Bristol that is currently for sale, apologies that this probably isn't the place to post it but I can't post in the sales section as I'm a new member.

I can't post a link to the Autotrader advert unfortunately but you should be able to find it on there. It has 58,000 miles, is yellow and is in very good condition. Totally standard and well looked after.

Need to sell as I'm emmigrating, just thought someone on here may be interested....




Hi Guys
I am coming to the Blowplex next week and my Engine light has come so was wondering if some has the vagcom i can see whats up with it.
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