Coil Springs - Spanner needed.....


Hi All
I bought a Seat Leon FR last year and the car came with coil springs already fitted on the car. Anyway the car is ridiculously low and I've decided that I want to raise at least 3-4 inches. I ve been told that you can adjust the coils manually with a spanner but I didn't get one with the car, does anyone have any idea where I can get a spanner from that will enable me to adjust the height???

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



Thanks Gezmeister.

I dont think there the cheap ebay ones, I got a recipet for them with the car. Im almost sure they cost him about £400 but I will need to check.

Does one spanner fit all or do I need to find out the specific type that Ive got fitted on my car?



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Jun 23, 2003
If you got a receipt from the people who supplied / fitted the coilovers the supplier should be able to source a spanner for you.

You may also fine a large adjustable spanner may work, jack the car up and give it ago.

BTW remember to get your tracking done when your adjusted the suspension back to the level you want.


Sorry to be a pain here but I have never done anything like this before.
I gather the best method is adjusting the springs half a turn at a time until they are at the required height?

Also what part am I adjusting, I haven't had the chance to jack the car up yet so I really don't know what part im looking for to adjust. I might have to try and big adjustable!!

Once again please forgive me for my lack of experience here!!

Thanks guys.


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Most coilovers require a "C" spanner to adjust them. Demon Tweeks do them for about £6.50 or adjustable ones for about £20.
The nut to adjust is located at the bottom of the spring. Wind it up the thread to raise the car and down the thread to lower.


See the purple nut on mine
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