1. Urgent help and advice needed re:car cutting out

    I'm in total dispair and my garage can't fit me in til Monday! Here's my problem. For a while, my car has cut out whilst driving at random points. Sometimes on a motorway, others in normal traffic, some in slow moving rush hour traffic. There is no warning and all revs go and I start to lose...
  2. FR PD 150 - Tuning Advice needed ASAP

    I have a Seat Leon FR Mk I (PD 150) The car is standard except for the Regal Auto Sport Remap which is running around 180-200 (never had it dyno tested yet) I know the standard injectors (piezo?) I think? will put up with anything upto 230Bhp then anything after that just turns to wasted...
  3. Help needed with leon fr tdi

    Hi i am new to this site but thought i will ask for your help. I have a seat leon tdi fr mk2 and lately if i give the turbo some stick after a while the exhaust starts to pop a little and the turbo gets a little laggy, i have been to many garages who have looked and said all is fine. i must...
  4. help needed with my copper colour 16v ibiza an what wheels to buy

    need help with what wheels i should get for my r-reg 16v ibiza, its got a 20v turbo engine fitted to the car just need some nice wheels to finsh it off, its got the standard 16'' mutispoke ronal wheels fitted just need something to stick out of the arches a bit more, so anyone one got any...
  5. hub nut needed

    Does anyone know where i can get a new front hub nut from as the thread is wearing off mine?
  6. Luke20vT

    Lower grill piece needed, help

    I desperately need this grill piece but cant find one anywhere, does anyone know where I can pick one up, any companies that can sort me out? Thanks, Luke.
  7. bateman fr

    sfs boost pipes help needed

    hi guys have got a sfs kit for my pd150 what do i do with the vacum ball on the front of engine that is attacted to the boost pipe ????
  8. burrell

    Buying a Cupra TDi ... Help needed!

    Hey all, I've been on the look out for a diesel Cupra for a bit now to replace my Pug 306 HDi, and I have a budget of £5k. I've found one that seems mint for £5200, 89k miles, apparent FSH ... but it's 300 miles from me, so to view it, I would need to be pretty certain about buying it! Do we...
  9. 312mm Help needed.

    Gone to fit my 312mm's this morning, but noticed that the bolt that holds the original caliper to the original carrier is far too short to use on the 312s. Should i have a different longer bolt for the 312s? sure i read somewhere you can re-use the original bolts. Any help appreciated.
  10. lawrieIbizaMk4

    changing rear number plate lights, tutorial needed

    can some1 give me a quick tutorial on changing the rear number plate lights?
  11. luke c

    quick coilover advice needed how to lower ?

    Got the front of the car up in the air at the min and just trying to turn the adjuster cup round its having none of it . its been sprayed with wd been on about half a hour a think its 1 mil lower lol is there anything i can do to make it easier to turn ?
  12. Car Aerial Problem - Expert Needed!

    Bought a stubby aerial off fleebay thinking it would be a screw off screw on job. Tried to screw mine off but it seems i have the aerials that screw loose and adjust to face flat on the roof, do these come off at all so i can replace with my stubby aerial? or am i wasting my...
  13. help needed on the black part of cupra bumper

    Sorry if this thread as been posted before, help needed. I am having may fr bumper sprayed next week, like a cupra but don't know if it is gloss as the mirror caps or matt black thankyou.
  14. Part Number Needed Please

    Hi Guys I`ve checked Vagcat and can`t find the piece i need, The lady that had my 1998 8v before me hit a cat and broke the front splitter which i`ve replaced, However there is a black plastic panel that sits behind the splitter and runs the whole width of the front bumper, It lies flat...
  15. Coil Springs - Spanner needed.....

    Hi All I bought a Seat Leon FR last year and the car came with coil springs already fitted on the car. Anyway the car is ridiculously low and I've decided that I want to raise at least 3-4 inches. I ve been told that you can adjust the coils manually with a spanner but I didn't get one with the...
  16. Adjustable droplink problem

    Right I've got adjustable tie bars on the car but it seems the anti roll bar seems to close to the drive shaft where ever it sits. Where should I adjust it to. More it's adjusted the closer the tie bar sits to the drive shaft. At a garae now so need quick reply please people.
  17. Parcel Shelf Mountings Part Numbers needed

    Hi, Have contacted Motorvogue Northampton for some parts for the boot light install for my Seat Ibiza Cupra TDi as I haven't got one and they have come back to me on all of them except for one as I had got the part number wrong. On the guide for how to install the glove box and boot...
  18. odd-head

    new to pcd adapters help needed

    Hello Im just trying to get my head around pcd adapters. My plan of action is to fit porsche wheels once the car is lowered. My question is most porsche wheels are 55offset and the toledo is 35 so a 20mm pcd adapter is needed, but the rear wheels here...
  19. OrcaGti

    A little help needed.

    Hey guys, been a while since i was on here last, actually been a while since my car moved, but as normal , tried her over the weekend an first time, brought a smile to my face. Now little help needed as going to totally restore the old Hog!! Im looking for the best ways to complete the...
  20. SA Polo

    Part number needed- front spoiler

    HI guys, can anyone please supply me with the front spoiler part number, as in this pic of crezzys one....
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