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Cordoba 1.8t


Active Member
May 16, 2017
Hi all I had a A3 1.8t agu for around 5 years car got wrote off but I kept the engine and loom I have recently gained a seat cordoba 1.6 s 1999 t reg engine code is ALM I believe this has a 085 gearbox I'm looking on doing a 1.8t conversion and would really appreciate some questions answered to help me out

1. What gearbox can I use i would like to keep cable clutch I doubt the 085 would fit would a ABF box fit?

2. What hubs would I need to upgrade to if I was to use a ABF box and shafts

3. Any advice from anyone who has Converted a mk2 ibiza or cordoba to 1.8t

Many thanks



Active Member
Jun 20, 2017
Wickford, Essex
Your best bet would be getting a 5 speed box from a mk3 Ibiza cupra. I'd go hydro clutch as it's a piece of p*** to fit, just done my hydro clutch ready for vr6 conversion

You can then also run standard cordy shafts I believe or one from mk3 Ibiza cupra
Mar 6, 2020
Abf box will let you keep the cable clutch, golf g60 clutch plate and abf flywheels think
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